Monday, December 5, 2016

Mobile wifi review: Travel Recommends in Melbourne

We all read about that Olympic Champion who incurred a $5,000 phone bill just from playing Pokemon Go at the event. Noob. Like why you no buy local sim card or rent wireless wifi router? Gone were the days when we lived in fear during our travels over obtaining a thousand dollar phone bill just because we needed to google a location and address while on holiday.

What more with our constant practice of sharing and posting on social media and not to forget hunting region exclusive Pokemon such as this Kangaskhan.

All made possible by simply renting a wireless wifi router. This option has been a godsend to someone like me who once traveled to Osaka and Kyoto and got hopelessly lost many times. Lesson learnt, I always travel with a wireless wifi router now.

But of course, not all are made equal as I learnt in Bali and now in Melbourne. The router I used in Bali kept dropping the connection and lagging. So for my Melbourne trip, I made the switch over to Travel Recommends which was recommended by my sister.

Booking was done online at least 5 days before take off with a deposit of RM200 on top of the total duration fees. Australia cost about RM26 a day which worked out to be able RM156 for my 6 day rental.

Prior to checking in for the flight, I picked up my router from the Capsule Hotel in KLIA 2 with no hassle at all. It comes in a cute first aid kit-like bag with instructions, a charging cable and an universal adapter.

As soon as I landed in Melbourne, it was wifi time. And what a time it with a Kangaskhan found as soon I turned it on.

I was most impressed by the stable connection Travel Recommends offers and even though I left it on for the whole day during our adventures around the city, the battery held out for a good 8 hours with more to spare and despite having three devices latching off its sweet data.

Even in Bright, a town three hours from Melbourne, connection was stable. The only time it dropped was on the journey there but that was a given since it was the countryside.

My only issue was the size of the router - the biggest router I've used to date, But that aside, I am actually happy with Travel Recommends and will be ordering from them for my upcoming trip to Japan in February.

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