Sunday, December 18, 2016

Philips InfraCare review: Helping my achy knees

I always say that 'you never regret a good workout'. I standby that saying but even a good workout has its backfire if one is not too careful. Injuries, muscle pull and wore out joint often go hand-in-hand with being healthy and fit (ironically) and if not properly treated early on, these aches and pains can go on to be a nuisance and movement hindering for older you.

I, for one, am feeling the 'rewards' of my tennis days, sliding across the court and running back and forth with a lot of stop, turn and sprint motion thrown in. Those left my knees and heels with a lot of pains even until now.

My left knee in particular has taken the blunt of the injuries and I could feel sharp pain every time I squatted or knelt. It got worst when I injured my hip which in turn affected the way I walked which brought back the pain in the knee. Sigh.

Hence why when the Philips InfraCare came into my life, I thought it was the answer to all my achy breaky problems. It was in some ways. At RM538, it is a hefty investment to make but if you come from a family of OCR junkies, runners and just all round health nuts, the price is no issue. Now let's get down to the pros of the Philips InfraCare:

It's hella light. It also comes with a handle that allows me to carry it like a handbag with one hand. I find this to be convenient as I can even lend it to my grandparents as well .

It's fast. It only takes 15 minutes of treatment to feel the difference (at least for me) and don't worry about the timer because it comes with its own timer. I used it while working or watching TV and just let the 300 Watt infrared lamp do its work. It cover an area of 40x30cm at a time which covers both knees at a time just nicely.

How does it work? Infrared light has been proven to be effective in relieving aches and pains caused by muscular pains and stiff joints. It's like pressing a hot compress to your muscle to relieve the aches. This goes beyond the skin and muscle as the infrared light also stimulates blood circulation and promoting the warmth to your muscle for better movement. As your muscles are soothed, they automatically loosen up and relax. Because it makes the tissue more pliable, the warmth also reduces stiffness and makes joints more flexible.

Now for the cons, the price is one thing but you really can't put a price tag on the welfare of your body and joints. And the next thing is having the discipline to sit down, sit still on a daily basis for the Philips Infracare to do its magic.

Is it working?
Well, my joints do feel more loose and pain-free after a session with the device but the pain comes back now and then depending on my workouts. I am in the process of a long recovery journey with a mix of infrared treatment, supplement pills, gels and muscle strengthening stretches.

My advice is to not take your body for granted and take the recovery process seriously. One cure might not work for you so check with your doctor and fitness experts for recommendations.

For more info on the Philips InfraCare, go to Philips Malaysia

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