Monday, January 30, 2017

5 Things I die-die want from Lazada for 2017

It's Chinese New Year and I am already going broke from all the eating and driving around and treating family to makan-mkan. Ang pau? What ang pau? Ooooh, you mean those red packets used to finance all of the above? Gone. Kautim. Habis.


Like any poor person, online shopping seemed like the best form of therapy and so I started browsing on Lazada to look for the stuff I need for my travelling trips in February. Well, let's just say the need list became a whole lot longer after three solid hours of surfing on Lazada. BUT to summarise it for you, here are five things I really really really really really want from Lazada to aid with my content making on my travels.

1. NIKON Coolpix B500 (red) 

My current DSLR (Nikon D40x) is 10 years old. That's really old. Hence it's time to upgrade my camera to a Nikon Coolpix B500. Not only is it lighter, faster and more versatile, it also comes in red. How ONG is that? And if I buy it on Lazada, it also comes with a free 8BG memory card and camera case AND I save 8%.

2. REMAX Proda Series PowerBank (20,000mAH, Black) 
This is by far the cheapest 20,000mAh powerbank I've come across anywhere! And wow, it's so slim and pocket-friendly. Ideal for travelling, I think this baby will do well to power up my many many electronic devices aka my power-guzzling iPhone. 20,000mAh usually lasts me about 5 charges before I need to charge it again so definitely great for on the go iPhone juicing.

3. Seagate Backup Plus Slim External Hard Drive (2TB, Red) 

Oooh, so pretty in red and so slim too. Everything I am definitely not this Chinese New Year. Like all content makers out there, space on the go is a problem especially when you take pictures and videos which eats up tons of memory space. Enter the Seagate Hard Drive! In red no less! Pair this with the Nikon Coolpix B500 earlier and you can say super ONG KAU!

4. Case Logic Backpack 

How else am I going to carry all my aforementioned gears and gadgets while travelling than in a backpack? None of those flimsy backpacks with the non-adjustable straps for me, thank you very much. I like carry on backpacks the same way I like my man - reliable, sturdy, organised, smart-looking and ready to shoulder my burden.

5. Travo Printage Luggage (purple) 

Purple is the go-to colour for luck for 2017 and this luggage by Travo literally screams stylish in luck. Amongst a sea of boring black, blue and dull colours, this luggage will stand out and if anyone tries to steal it, good luck to them because I can spot it a mile away and will be on time like a rabid dog on a bone. Its compact size would make it a great carry-on luggage on the plane, easy to slot in the overhead compartment despite the hordes of aunties trying to stuff in their overweight, oversize luggages. Oi, auntie, one carry-on luggage and one handbag doesn't mean you can tie five bags together and try to pass it as one!

And wow, will you look at that, the total cost of all five items on my wishlist comes up to RM2,017. You don't believe me? Lai, we do the maths together.

The lucky number of 2017! Fuh!!

So if anyone wants to buy me something (or everthing) from this wishlist...well, it would be rude of me to decline your kind contribution to my blogging career and say no kan! Just click on the items above to go straight to their product page on Lazada.

To see what Lazada has up for grabs this CNY, check out 

Happy shopping and GONG XI FA CAI!

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