Thursday, February 9, 2017

[Fitness Review] Jonlivia Hotpants

I am currently entering the tapering stage of my marathon training, I should be toning down on the running and exercises to prevent injuries and overexerting myself. But the fitness junkie in me will not allow that for fear of pilling on the fat. I JUST WANT TO WORK OUT K!

So when I was offered a chance to try out Jonlivia Hotpants - which helps you burn the fat by making you sweat more in a shorter time span, well, turning this down was like saying no to ang pau...or chocolate. (you can see why dieting is a no-go for me)

My pair of Jonlivia Hotpants S+ arrived in a ziplock bag along with the ultra cute hot pink hoodie sports bra, both courtesy of the brand. Tenkiu!

On the days I didn't have bootcamp, I got in a quick 30 minutes workout of body weight exercises (ie squats, planks, push-ups). Simple exercises but yet so effective when done consistently.

10 x lunges
30 secs plank
10 x push up
30 secs side plank (right)
10 x squat
30 secs side plank (left)

10 x jumping lunges
30 secs plank
30 secs side plank (right)
30 secs plank
10 x jump squat
30 secs side plank (left)

Repeat set and remove one rep from each workout. Move down the ladder until 1 rep of each. Planking remains with the same time limit. For a more challenging workout, move up the ladder again until 10 reps. It's important to watch your form for this to prevent injury.

By the end of it, my legs felt tingly which usually happens after a good massage for me because it meant that the blood was circulating through my muscles and closer to my skin. I didn't actually feel any wetness in the Jonlivia Hotpants S+ but imagine my surprise at how soaked the pants were once I took them off. They were soaked in sweat and my legs felt warm as though I just went through a session of hot yoga.

Despite that, my legs didn't feel tired or stiff at all. I like that the fabric was compression wear-like which kept my muscles from moving too much during the workout and thus expanding additional energy. My initial impression of it was that it would be stiff, restricting and hot. It wasn't. It was the complete opposite in fact. It was so comfortable that I continued wearing it out for dinner in SS2 after. At one point, I even forgot I was wearing a pair of pants meant for sweating my butt off.

My mom commented that it looked extremely well padded. I suppose this could be attributed to the 4 layers of breathable AirFabric which combines compression and heat circulation for more sweat production and blood circulation during the workout. I was also thoroughly impressed by how flexible yet tough the material was throughout my workout as it didn't hinder me at all on the stretches. The stitching is durable, showing promise of being able to take a lot of stress in the long run.

When I wore the Jonlivia Hotpants S+ on a quick short run around the area, it felt almost lightweight. The back pocket was a bonus, useful for keeping my money and keys. I still prefered to keep my phone in my arm band for fear of sweat seeping through the pocket.

The hoodie sports bra was hella cute as a fashion piece for those who like working out in the gym, But for me, after a while the hood started getting the way. There wasn't sufficient support in the underwire for a vigorous workout with too much padding in the cups. Again, more of a fashion piece than an effective workout gear for those who are...booblicious.

ANYWAY Jonlivia Hotpants S+ can be ordered online via their website: Jonlivia also offers an array of pants lengths for men and women as well as other products such as the hoodie sports bra, physio brace and slim shapers for the body.

The products were sponsored by Jonlivia but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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