Thursday, February 2, 2017

Tokyo Marathon 2017 - I got mail

3 more weeks to go!

And I just got something in my mail today. Good old traditional mail, all the way from Japan! It was my race pack information. In it were several important information for the race kit collection for the Tokyo Marathon 2017 consisting of:
1. Number Card confirmation
2. Start and Finish Map
3. Important info for the race.
4. Health checklist.

This mean I got my bib number too and this time, I am in corral H, the eighth block from the start. Hopefully it won't take 20 minutes for me to cross the finish line. Despite the longer cut off time for the race, it is still rather nerve-wrecking given how much time I could lose in the crowd and taking pictures of everything. The many and long in-and-outs turns would be a mental challenge for me.

Oh lord, I am freaking out.

I have just ran my longest LSD yet at 30km as a 8 x 3.8 route around the Petaling Jaya loop. The loop wasn't easy with rolling slopes and flats and more slopes. After a while, by the fourth round, it became mind-numbingly challenging. My hip was hurting, my knees were aching, there is vomit on my sweater already, mom's spaghetti....oh wait, that's a song.

Anyway, my 30km LSD felt worst than last year but I am chalking it up to the water breaks every 3.8km and...occasional walk breaks. Once again, I am leaving the remaining 12km to fate as my hip pain has been flaring up and at this point, rest seemed my best option to hopefully recover my joint in time for the race.

Meh, just wish me luck. And if I die or don't make it back with a medal, just bury me on Mount Fuji.

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