Thursday, October 12, 2017

Where to Next?

Where to next?

That seemed to my theme of 2017 so far. At work, in life, in my fitness. Where to next ie: where do you go from here? Say, wasn't there a song that had that line?

The answer is quite simple. Japan. Everything falls down to Japan. Maybe not work wise because lord knows that getting the work visa there is a bitch. Everything I've done this year has all led me to finding myself and my place in the world in...Japan.

So from 18 to 29 October, I'll be in Tokyo for three monumental things.
1) A Spartan Race Super
2) Yet another tattoo
3) A potential future in Japan? We'll see.

And oh, I also got the ballot for the Nagoya Marathon. I am open to sponsorship right


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