Saturday, December 23, 2017

Race Review: Viper Challenge Cyberjaya 2017

I was on the fence about writing this review/recap about the last Viper Challenge in Cyberjaya on 2 Dec. I did a video on it, following my experience all 21km of it throughout Cyberjaya and realised that the only thing that inspired me to churn out the video so quickly were my friends and teammates. Which you can watch here...

Because to be frank, the course had nothing to inspire. Majority of the obstacles were built over water which added to the safety aspect and gave it an element of fun. And also helped keep participants cool throughout the blazing hot day.

Due to the terrain of Cyberjaya, only 30% (maybe less) of the course was on trail. The rest was on road. In the hot sun. With no shade. My brain fried and my skin was turned to crisp. At times like this, it was good to be carrying a hydration bag of my own throughout the course, hassle be damned. Having said that, there was ample water stops throughout the course, at every 2-3km or so. However, it didn't erase the fact that road running and obstacles are not fun. Especially when the surrounding scenery are sites, man-made lakes, barren land, houses and MOAR ROAD.

I mean, Men's Health Singapore organised the Urbanathlon in the middle of the city center and despite being on road, the changing sceneries featured Singapore's iconic landmarks such as Marina Bay Sands, Clarke Quay and the Helix Bridge to name a few and it was fun. Cyberjaya on the other hand was not. You can read my race review of Urbanathlon here.

Aside from that, registration and bag drop saw a queue which never happened before at previous Viper races. The post-race village while had sufficient showers and enclosed changing rooms, left much to be desired with a lack of activities, food and drinks stalls.

To wrap up this review, I would think twice if an OCR race was going to be held in Cyberjaya even if it's one as established as Viper Challenge. If I wanted to do a road run, I would just sign up for the TwinCity Marathon and ever other road race held in Cyberjaya.

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