Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Many Views of Mount Fuji part 3 - Haneda Airport

PART 3 - The first time I saw Mount Fuji at ground level but from a distance was from the arrival floor of Haneda Airport.

Taken on 2 July 2017 - Oh hai Mount Fuji. Nice to see you again.
My family and I had just landed into Tokyo the night before and we stayed overnight at First Cabin hotel. The following morning, we headed to the bus stop for the bus to Kamakura at around 10am and from the first floor windows of the airport before heading down to the bus terminal, we could see Mount Fuji. At first, we weren't sure if it was Mount Fuji because it seemed impossible. But it was and she looked majestic that morning. There were streaks of white snow on her cap and we pondered how cold it might be up there because at the end of our trip, we were going to climb Mount Fuji. Nevertheless I took it as a good sign

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