Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Starbucks Bottled Tea-based Frappuccino - Black Tea and Matcha Tea Launches in Malaysia

Malaysians do love their yumcha time out. Be it in the middle of work or at midnight, there is always time to yumcha. And what better way to yumcha than with a chilled bottle of Starbuck's new Tea-based Frappuccino in a blazing hot day. Malaysia is the second country after China to have the Bottled Tea-based drinks introduced to the shelves of 7-Eleven stores, premium supermarkets and petrol marts nationwide.

Tea fan can enjoy two refreshing flavours consisting of Matcha Tea and Black Tea. The Bottled Matcha Tea Frappuccino is crafted with high-quality matcha powder from Jeju Island, South Korea. Undergoing a fine steaming and griding process, the fresh spring tea leaves create a refreshing and delightful taste blended with quality milk from New Zealand.

Offering a fragrant scent before each sip, the Bottled Black Tea Frappuccino features a blend of Ceylon black tea from Sri Lanka, Dianhong tea from Yunnan Province in China and Assam tea from India. Offering a rich blend with high quality milk from New Zealand, this specially formulated beverage brings out the best in black tea by delivering a smooth, full-bodied flavour that lingers long after the first sip. 

Starbucks also encourages consumers to recycle and reuse their glass bottles by turning them into terrariums projects. With World Earth Day just around the corner, this is not a bad idea.

This Starbucks Frappuccino tea series retails for RM12.50 per bottle and is now available at the bottled section of most premium supermarkets, petrol marts and major convenience stores across Malaysia. For more information, visit Starbucks Malaysia's Facebook page.

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