Wednesday, August 22, 2018

GE Viper Arena 2018, Bukit Jalil Stadium

New race venue, new obstacles - all that was to be expected at the Great Eastern Viper Arena 2018 held on 18 - 19 August 2018. Having found a new home at the iconic Bukit Jalil National Stadium, the massive event boasting 12,000 participants, cemented the title of KL Sports City for the venue. Kicking off at 5pm for the elites and continuing on in waves, the participants were flagged off all the way until 3am on Sunday morning.

Well lilted and much more spacious for the 7km obstacle course with 12+ obstacles laid out throughout, it was an event I enjoyed as it was my first OCR for 2018. The course was fast and dry, most of obstacles do-able but demanding on the upper body. Some of them posed a challenge on the grip strength that the ordinary human being would struggle with. But then again the best part of Viper Challenge was that it was okay to walk past the obstacles if you can't do it. Just come back and try again.

More than anything else, Viper Arena was just a great excuse for OCR-loving friends to get together and have fun without any stress or care for timing or position. Unless you're elite.

Enough narrating. Just watch the video below.

I for one have no criticism about the event (yes, even the queue at registration. Why else would they ask us to come 90 minutes before flag off if not in anticipation of the queue) Thumbs up for the ample food trucks all around and most importantly, milo trucks as well! Nice to see they have address the shirt shortage by having wristbands with sizes to ensure participants don't change their mind. Finisher shirts were big though but that can be attributed to Under Armour's sizing. Meh, I'll just wear it to sleep or if I want to look like a stylish hobo. Weather-wise, the organisers must have done a naked rain dance because it poured heavily in the morning and swept away most of the haze.

Of course, there will be some who wished the obstacles were harder but then again, there are other obstacle races in Malaysia to pick from. The finale of the Viper Challenge 2018 season takes place in Cyberjaya on 8 December.

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