Monday, December 24, 2018

5 Must Try Drinks at The Iron Fairies KL

If you're pondering where to go for the new years (and just about any other night) for drinks with the girls, well ponder no more! Because Kuala Lumpur's most talked about bar, the Iron Fairies has you covered. From a myriad of exciting cocktail drinks to a hidden rooms and corners, the Iron Fairies has something for everyone across its sprawling grounds located in TREC KL.


 Upon entering, I was first in awe of the iron cast world woven from the mind of Ashley Sutton. Piles of iron fairy figures in the center of each table, fairy dust hanging overheads and cash iron furnishing lovingly adorning the surfaces of the bar and walls. We took a trip to its second floor, accessible by two spiral staircases (very instagrammable if one can get the angle and lighting just right) and wandered into the "secret" enclosed Butterfly Bar where 50,000 butterflies fluttering overhead where captured in time. Simply beautiful.

Just as mystical as its interior are its range of signature cocktails drinks. After an evening at the Iron Fairies KL, I list down the five must-try signature drinks to order.

1. The Green Fairy 
Ah, absinthe. The once forbidden fruit of alcohol. At least in Malaysia. Astutely named, The Green Fairy is a lovely combination of vermouth, blue curacao and absinthe blended with passionfruit. The result is a strong and punchy drink for someone looking to see some green fairies.
The Green Fairy
3rd Key
 2. 3rd Key 
Ah you can't go wrong with bubbly. This drink is simple enough, refreshing and thirst quenching after a night of dancing and chatting. It comes served with elderflower and thyme.

3. Trapping Tinkerbell 
A word of advice - head to the bar upon ordering for some Instagrammable shots as the bartender whips up your drink. The drink itself is unique with a taste of smoked scotch deliciously mixed with the inhouse popcorn syrup and bitters. Best suited for someone who like the smoked sweet taste.
Trapping Tinkerbell
Amy's Rose
 4. Amy's Rose
A drink for the ladies - Amy's Rose is a vodka and gin cocktail paired with rosewater, citrus and cranberry juice. Sweet yet light on the palate, it's easy to go for seconds and thirds and fourths....

5. Labyrinth 
My personal favourite is the gin-based cocktail of Labyrinth. I might sound bias because I really really like this drink. I think it has something to do with the refreshing effect coming from the osmanthus, apple juice, citrus and Indian spices.
Fairy pot
 They have many other drinks to try such as the Blue Fairy, Nymph's and the Casting Room. Explore your way through their menu as you would the entire establishment itself. The Iron Fairies KL also has a limited food menu and I recommend their Truffle fries and Spicy Chicken Popcorn, both of which goes splendidly with the drinks.

Spicy Chicken Popcorn
The Iron Fairies KL has an exciting weekly schedule lined up along with a new concept set to raise the bar in the first quarter of 2019. Happy Hour deals are from 5pm to 10pm to Tuesday to Sundays. Ladies Night is on every Wednesday and Thursday with specially crafted cocktails ON THE HOUSE for all the ladies.  A live band will serenade patrons with the current top 40 songs from 10pm onwards every Wednesday to Thursday. On those days as well, patrons will enjoy the newly introduced sensual Fairy Dance Shows.

Free parking is available from 5pm to 10pm daily but if braving KL traffic scares you, then opt for Grab. Just key in TREC Entry 3 on Waze or Grab. And if you're looking to take home a souvenir, don't kidnap the resident iron fairies from your table and instead take your pick of 14 different personalities of fairies for a price. Just ask any of the staff.

Follow The Iron Fairies KL on Facebook and Instagram for the latest lineup of activities.

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