Thursday, December 6, 2018

Exciting Holiday Shopping with Ezbuy 12.12 Year End Sale!

Christmas is just around the corner and the malls are loaded with families in a frenzy to get their present shopping done before the festivities of Christmas, New Year and dare I even mention….Chinese New Year. One can never start too early with decoration and party planning. Of course, why not just forgo the traffic, crowd and queues by shopping online with Ezbuy. 

Before you groan and moan about another online shop, hear me out first. Ezbuy has tons of perks for its customers such as Prime Member Service, Buy For Me and many more. Just like any other online platform, Ezbuy too aims to offer the best customer service to its clients with a customisable shopping experience and low delivery and shipping fees. But first, some interesting facts about Ezbuy! 

You may have recognised Ezbuy as 65daigou in 2016 before their transition to their current marketplace. Their aim is to be the engineers of easy leading to them becoming the first local company to specialise in overseas (China, Taiwan and USA) purchasing, logistics and international shipping. Just a quick scroll through and I am falling into an endless pit of shopping as Ezbuy has so many things to pick from ranging from beauty, fashion to furniture and tech. 

Ezbuy offers cheap shipping for Malaysians with its Ezbuy Prime membership. Imagine that you had gone on a crazy shopping spree and now you need to shipping your items but most likely due to the weight, the shipping cost would usually cost a bomb. Not unless you’re already a Ezbuy Prime member. As a member, you get to enjoy RM8.80 unlimited international shipping regardless of total quantity, weight or size of your Prime eligible items per checkout. There is no agent fee charge for Prime eligible items, regardless of the current member level - normal, VIP or SVIP.

Of course, with online purchases there is always that constant worry that something might happen to your stuff on route. With the Ezbuy Prime member, you can get free insurance up to RM2000 per parcel to cover any unfortunate incidents suh as parcel loss, damage or product issues listed in the inspection coverage. So ease your mind as you await your package. 

The good news is, you won’t be waiting for too long as Ezbuy offers Prime members with the fastest priority shipping method. By default, your Prime items will be delivered by air, taking 3 to 5 days. Bulky, heavy products or items restricted from air shipping regulations are shipped by sea and would take 16 to 22 days. Regardless of the weight and size, you just pay one flat rate for shipping fees. 

But let’s say you see something you like from USA and China that isn’t on EzBuy. How do you get it without paying a bomb on the shipping fees? Just add it to the Wishlist! Annual and Lite Prime members gets 42 and 24 Prime Wishlist respectively which allows them to order items from other websites at a shipping flat rate of RM8.80. All you need to do is copy paste the url of the items you want to the Prime Wishlist, wait for approval and once approved, tick Prime and add to cart.

If you do the maths, you will find that this saves you a lot in shipping cost.

On top of all those great benefits, Prime members also get their own dedicated chat support should they have any questions to help improve their Ezbuy shopping experience.

For hardcore online shoppers, you would be happy to know that you can opt for the Ezbuy Prime membership at RM188 for a whole year (Prime Annual) or RM99 for six months (Prime Lite). However if you’re still uncertain about it, you can simply just give it a try first for a five days trial period at only RM18.80.

So what are you waiting for? Registration is F.O.C and simple to do. Register at this link - and get a RM15 cash voucher AND an additional 15% off shipping fees discount!

And the best part is… Ezbuy will be having a 12.12 campaign where you can enjoy great discounts just in time for your Christmas and New Year shopping! 

So let’s get shopping today on

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