Saturday, December 22, 2018

Hair Color Expert Review: RM88.90 for Red Hair!

Look ma, I am a redhead!

Going red has been something I have been considering for long time but it wasn't until I stepped into Hair Color Expert that it became reality. Hair Color what now? How is that different from a normal hair salon, you ask.

Well, the name says it all. They are quite literally the experts at hair colouring and only that. That means, no cuts or styling available. For the rates they were charging, it's quite a steal for the length and thickness of my hair. But whether or not it left me feeling fab like Mera from Aquaman, read on to find out.

Hair Color Expert has three outlets (as of time of writing) and the one I visited was their newest branch in Plaza Berjaya. Prices vary based on your hair length and my thick mane amounted to RM88.90 for colouring. Reservations were made via their app available on GooglePlay store and Apple app store and confirmed via an SMS. On the day of the appointment, a reminder was sent in the morning and I just need to reconfirm my slot two hours prior. As soon as I walked in (with Isabel Lee in tow), we were greeted warmly by the staff. The salon itself was clean with ample space between the stations.

To kick things off, we were given a catalog with a plethora of hair colors to choose from. We were given a face-to-face consultation with our hair coloring experts who recommended what kind of colour would suit us. Our scalp was also given a quick check to determine its condition. Mind you, I had just spent a weekend at a beach side resort with an infinity pool and so my head of hair probably wasn't in the best condition.

A quick hair wash and a scalp serum later, a team of hair colour experts started applying hair dye. I usually don't like talking in hair salons as the stylists would see it as a chance to sell products to you (with the exemption of my usual hairstylist at Taurus Salon). But thankfully that wasn't the case with HCE. They worked amazingly fast as well and I was guided to the waiting lounge in no time. The waiting lounge was cosy with lockers and a small pantry where customers can help themselves to the drinks.

Isabel and I ended up chitchatting that 30 minutes and in no time at all, our cute assigned timers went off. After washing the dye out, we were given a Korean nano masking treatment (optional with a top up of RM50) made with honey and protein. The end result was a tangle free, smooth straight locks for me. As for my hair colour, I could already see the brownish-red just after two hours.

Over the following few days, the colour got brighter and lasted for a week before mellowing down until it blended with my original hair colour. I was quite pleased with how it turned out considering that it was only RM88.90. From what I understand, if you bleach and colour, it will be considered as two rounds and hence the price will be double. Still considerably cheaper than other places. They also claim to use premium natural friendly and ammonia free products.

Having said that, my hair started to feel dry and lackluster two days after the treatment despite not washing it as per their instructions.  It took several rounds of hair conditioning and argon oil to restore its usual 'ooph' and natural waves. Personally I would akin going to Hair Color Expert like getting a professional's help with apply store-bought hair dye. It's cheap and it gets the job done. At least for a month or so.

I would recommend Hair Color Expert if you're looking to testing out a new hair colour or if you want a new hair colour for events or cosplay. While my hair did suffer a little after, I can't deny the thrill I got whenever someone complimented the new colour. It also made standing out in a crowd very effortless.
A day after dyeing. 
You can download the HCE app on the App Store and Google Play Store and find out more about them at

*Hair coloring treatment was sponsored by Hair Color Expert but reviews and thoughts are entirely my own.

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