Friday, March 8, 2019

OYO Celebrates Independent Malaysian Women Travellers

It is true what is said, “To travel is to live”, and more so now where more and more people find a way to lose themselves in their travels. A surge in people globetrotting has been seen owing to awareness and accessibility of newer destinations. You’ll discover places beyond your imagination, experience new cultures and find an inner nomad that you never knew existed. People travel with their own distinct purposes - to discover new frontiers, pursue business opportunities, or simply to unwind and relax. Travelling solo allows you to set your own pace, have an intimate contact with foreign cultures, and meet new people and broaden your horizon. On the other hand, travelling with a companion could allow you bond over shared experiences, excitement and newer things to explore in addition to safety. 

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, OYO Hotels Malaysia spoke to some female travellers on their take on travel.

What she likes: Planning the holiday, location and budget
Sarsha Rani, 35, Wildlife Advocate at WWF-Malaysia

“For me, it is important to know the purpose of each trip I am planning - a rough and tough adventure with friends, a lavish getaway to pamper myself or even a solo trip to clear my mind and reconnect. Once that is decided, it's easier to determine a destination and accommodation according to my budget. As a female traveller safety is a top priority, but sometimes it's hard to fully be in the moment and enjoy your experience when you are subconsciously worried about everything around you. So I spend a lot of time researching the cultural do's and don'ts of each destination, the surroundings of my accommodation, and I try to pick a place to stay strategically located around what I want to explore to reduce travel time. I love immersing myself in the local experience as it allows me to broaden my perspective and I believe that the more of the world you see, the more similar you'll realise we all are.”

What she likes: Clean room, comfortable bed, basic amenities
Nur Syahirah Khalid, 24, International Relations Student

“Since the time I have been bit by the travel bug the travel fever hasn’t ceased. I even chose to do my internship in Turkey so that I would get to experience the country from a different point of view. Travelling is also relevant to my studies as I understand a bit more about the different countries I travel to, from a leisure and also from a business perspective. I am not too finicky, but going back to a clean and comfortable room after the day’s adventure is a must. It is important for me to get a good rest before I continue exploring the next day.”

What she likes: Convenience while on the go
Isabel Lee, 28, Digital Marketer

“I don’t think I have my holiday booked via a physical travel agent in a long time. For me, I practice what I preach. Booking online or via an app is extremely convenient as it keeps my bookings organised. Security and privacy are obviously important to me which is why I only book with reputable companies or booking sites, like OYO, and Traveloka, plus some of these sites also give me extra discounts, so it is really good value for money. This way, I don’t need to fret about my booking details as it’s all at my fingertips.”

Tan Ming Luk, Country Head, OYO Hotels Malaysia shared, “At OYO, we cater to different types of travellers daily. Today, solo women travellers are on the rise, with a 45% growth in solo bookings by women from 2015 to 2017 . As they make up a significant portion of our customer base, it is crucial for us to deliver positive customer experiences to maintain their trust in our brand. For us, we always ensure that all OYO-branded properties are comfortable, affordable and offer topnotch hospitality experiences for the guests. Cost, location, safety and comfort are always part of the considerations for the properties in our network.”

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