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Detox Week 1: Royal Valens™ Letitgo, Fitunix and Qinova review

When I went in for the brief with Dr Esence and took my weight for the BMI reading, I was shocked. My love for coffee and desserts had crept up on me over the past one year and I weighed in at a hefty 71kg! T_T

That's 7kg gained since coming back from Japan where I had lost 6kg. I have always been a self-loving all time voluptuous/curvy/plus-size/larger than life girl but 71kg would probably explain my constant knee pains when running. Losing some weight for health sake became my priority going into this detox programme with Dr Esence.

Internally dying from seeing my weight
Like most Malaysians, I faced the constant battle between my love for food, wanting to look and feel good and taking care of my health. To lay the ground rules to manage the expectations of anyone looking to try this programme after this review, I am a relatively active person, doing bootcamp at least four times a week and occasionally go for 7-10km runs on Sundays (which I helpfully balance out with a nasi lemak after). I love and eat Malaysian food and drink one cup of coffee a day. And according to my BMI test, I have the metabolic rate for a 40+ year old auntie (omg, why....genetics is so unfair).
One of each a day
Having tried different methods of weight lost and management, I was interested to try out detox. This was my first time trying detox and I had to make sure it didn't interfere with my existing style of eating and workout. The Royal Valens™ Letitgo by Dr Esence is a ideally a two weeks detox programme that is be supplemented with the Royal Valens™ Fitunix and Qinova for energy and maintenance respective.

So in a nutshell, here's a summary of Week 1 of detox. My starting weight was 70kg, a kilo dropped since the weight in with the client.
Ignore my fugly feet tenks.
Day 1 
Drank Royal Valens™ Letitgo the previous night and went to toilet three times in the morning after breakfast. I felt okay by mid-noon to eat as per normal aka a hearty Jap meal.
I earned it after a whole morning of...detoxing. 
Day 2 
Big mistake taking the detox on the night before a morning bootcamp session because it meant me running to the public toilet before and after the session.

Day 3
Amazingly did not have to go toilet at all. At this point, I felt fine and less lethargic that usual.
Definitely not Milo
Day 4 
Decided to skip the detox for a day to keep it from interfering with my bootcamp session. Noticeably I had more energy during the session.

Day 5 
Detox as per usual and only went toilet once. I think my body was getting used to it and had mostly flushed out the toxins by then. Most impressively, I had forgotten my period was due because I did not get my usual combination of PMS symptoms aka water retention, headaches and tender breasts.

Dinner as per usual la. Aint no one got time for diet. 

Blender bottle for better mix.
Day 6
Skipped the detox on account of bootcamp although I ended up skipping the session due to period cramps.

Day 7 Detoxed as per normal and visited the toilet twice. Period headache started to kick in but I am noticeably less grumpy when I am hungry (I get hangry) with energy to spare.

Mind you, throughout this one week, I was eating as per normal which also included a conscious effort to reduce my carbs intake for dinner and drinking heaps of water to keep me hydrated. Oh and the occasional bubble tea. Yet when I weighed myself, I had lost 2kg and felt less bloated. So it's probably water retention lost but still....Woot! One more week to go.

Either my weighing scale broke or I lost 2kgs in a week. 
FYI - I am taking the following products from the Dr Esence:

Royal Valens – LetItGo
LetItGo 14 Days Cleansing Plan is formulated with Promitor soluble fibre, apple fibre, oat fibre, Inulin, Garcinia Cambogia extract, 14 effective digestive enzymes and mixed berries juice powder. Promitor soluble fibre is derived from corn fibre which helps to maintain good digestive health. Garcinia Cambogia extract helps to reduce body fat content. Excellent source of Vitamin (K, C), Manganese, Folate (B9) and antioxidants for heart-health and blood sugar control.

My taste review: Very berry tasting. If not mixed well, the powder can be clumpy so I would recommend putting it into a blender bottle and shaking it with 300ml until mixed well.

Royal Valens – Fitunix
Fitunix 14 Days Revival Plan is formulated with prune, honey, pomegranate extract, guarana, and vitamins. Guarana contains an active compound to heighten levels of energy. Pomegranate helps to protect the heart, contains potent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that may help prevent gum disease.

My taste review: This is honestly my favourite to take. Its taste resembles the Brand's Innershine Beauty Prune drink and is very yummy.

Royal Valens – Qinova
Qinova 14 Days Revitalization Plan is made of curcumin/turmeric powder, lingzhi mushroom, black seed oil, multivitamins and Fucoidan. Fucoidan is a potent antioxidant that derives from Japanese seaweed. Black seed oil is rich in antioxidants, prevents cell damage under control, aids in digestion and may decrease gas, bloating and stomach pain.

My taste review: Not too bad due to the blend of peach flavour to mask the odd combinations of so many weird but healthy ingredients. I usually take this hand-in-hand with the Fitunix.

Stay tune for week 2. For more information, go to

*Products were sponsored but this entire experience and review is unbiasedly my own. 

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