Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Spartan Race Heads to Kuching, Sarawak

In case you haven't heard - for the first time ever, Spartan Race Malaysia will be headed to Kuching, Sarawak! This will be the first time a major OCR brand has ventured to East Malaysia and why not? There is ample space, jungles and a lot of untapped potential. My money's on the orang asli guys kicking ass and taking the podium position.

If your first response is: Kuching is a part of Malaysia meh?, I am gonna google your social medias and have them deleted! Yeh, that's right. Nowadays, that's even more tragic than throwing paint on your house. 
Kuching and Sarawak in general is beautiful and the food is unlike any Peninsular Malaysia has ever tried. In case you haven't figured it out yet, I am biased to Sarawak because I was born there. Kuching pride, bro! 
LOCAL TIP - Since the exact location has yet to be announced, my advice is to just book your accommodation and a car. In terms of public transportation, Kuching only has buses, taxies, boats and Grab. No fancy LRT, monorail or MRT. Yet. And given Spartan's tendency for jungle and mud, the location will be in the outskirts of the city so a car will be helpful. 

POSSIBLE LOCATION - Based on the cover photo Spartan just uploaded to their Facebook page, I am making an educated guess that it will be held at Santubong. Btw, google reverse search image is amazing. Just saying.

Hmm, maybe now would be a good time to come out of Spartan retirement and do the shortest distance, Sprint. Followed by a marathon of Sarawakian food. I know I definitely excel in the latter. And it has been years since I've gone back to visit the clan. 

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