Monday, November 4, 2019

SOCAR #NightCravings Is Back For Your Next Supper Adventure

What Malaysian wouldn't venture far and wide for food? Our quest for food continues to be made easier by our local favourites often available 24/7. If you are an adventurous supper food hunter, chances are that distance will not be an issue when you want to venture out of your housing area.
After my adventureous photography session hopping across Putrajaya, the hunger pangs kicked and I instantaneously cramped my friends into my Socar ride and drove to MyPizzaLab for some good fancy pizza and boba tea.

Don’t have a car to channel your inner Indiana Jones foodie? Fret not! You can now satisfy all your food cravings with Socar. 

Socar is back with the #NightCravings promotion, offering up to 50% off bookings between 9pm and 8am the next day.  To enjoy the discount, all you have to do is book a car with a reservation time between 9pm and 8am. Once you have successfully made your booking, you are automatically entitled to 50% OFF* all bookings from 9pm-8am from Monday to Thursday and 30% OFF on Fridays (9pm-8am). Just tap and unlock via the SmartKey within the Socar app and drive to your favourite late-night spots with family and friends. The promotion is applicable for most car models except the BMW and MINI.

Want to check out the promotion? To find the closest Socar zone, simply download the Socar app via the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. For more information on Socar and to register as a member, please visit

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