Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Kaki Chan & Miraku Chan Oysters Valentine's Day Whatsapp, LINE and Telegram Stickers

February is a very spe-shell month for Kakichan the Oyster because his berthday is also in February. 9 Feb 2016 to be pacific. It was only 3 years later that he met Miraku Chan, the girl oyster. Living his whole life in a shell, it is a miracle that a beautiful girl oyster sardinely a-pier in his life.

Kakichan has been coming out of his shell more often because of Miraku Chan. This Valentines Day, Kakichan will try his best to shrimpress Miraku by giving her a boatquet of red roses, taking her to a movie and a jawsome boat trip.
Will Miraku Chan fall in love with Kakichan? Download this cute pack of WhatsApp, Telegram and LINE Stickers to find out more!

Kakichan and Miraku Chan oysters are original characters of MILKCANANIME

For Android Phone user

1) Download the free WhatSticker App in Google Play
2) In the top bar, search for "Milkcananime". Choose the pack "Kaki Chan & Miraku Chan 情人节快乐 Happy V Day".
3) Add to Android

For iPhone user
1) Download the free Kotech Online App in Apple App Store
2) Use Safari and type whatsticker.online
3) In the top bar, search for "Milkcananime". Choose the pack "Kaki Chan & Miraku Chan 情人节快乐 Happy V Day" Add to iPhone
4) Tap 'Open' when prompted to open in Kotech Online. Then save the stickers

Note: Remember to use Safari to go to whatsticker.online, and not the app itself.

For fans of Telegram, we have also released the cute version of stickers. Click here to get the Telegram stickers


Line stickers pack will be released on a later date. Do watch this space.

Please share our Stickers pack with your friends and loved ones! Designed by Max Wong and Shiriel

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