Saturday, August 1, 2020

Eggette Lab Introduces New Butter Garlic Flavours Malaysians

Eggette Lab Malaysia has launched its new Butter Garlic Eggette and Butter Garlic Charcoal Eggette to kick off August. Eggette and garlic lovers can enjoy the Butter Garlic Eggette at only RM10.90 whereas Butter Garlic Charcoal Eggette at RM11.90. Both new flavours will be available at Eggette Lab Malaysia’s outlets located at Sunway Pyramid, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Mid Valley Megamall, 1 Utama Shopping Centre and Gurney Plaza, Penang.

Apart from the launch of garlic flavoured eggettes, Eggette Lab Malaysia is giving back to their fans with an upcoming sale on their first ever 8.8 Eggette Day. All eggettes including the newly launched Butter Garlic Eggette and Butter Garlic Charcoal Eggette will be selling at a discounted price of RM8.80. Customers will also be delighted as they can get two original eggettes at only RM8.80.

“Currently most of Eggette Lab Malaysia’s eggette flavours are focusing on sweet taste. As our customer base continues to grow, we have received tremendous requests on savoury eggettes. Here at Eggette Lab Malaysia, we have conducted market research and R&D to come out with a new flavour. After one and a half months, we are proud to serve the world’s first Butter Garlic Eggette and Butter Garlic Charcoal Eggette to our customers in Malaysia,” said Keith Won, CEO of Eggette Lab Malaysia.

Keith also added, “The number eight is also pronounced similarly as egg, hence from this year onwards, double eight indicates double happiness of Eggette Lab Malaysia’s fans when they can purchase more eggettes at an affordable price.”

Customers are also encouraged to join Eggette Lab Malaysia’s lifelong membership at only RM10. Members will be eligible for an immediate 10% off on every visit as well as 48% off for eggettes on the monthly Membership Day during every 8th of the month. Free eggettes are also open for redemption three days before and after the member’s birthday. Customers who are already a member with Eggette Lab Malaysia can also enjoy an additional 48% discount on 8.8 Eggette Day, which means they can purchase any eggettes at RM4.60 only.

To find out more about Eggette Lab Malaysia’s ‘egg-citing’ promotions and upcoming launches, follow them on Facebook page as well as Instagram at @eggettelab.

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