Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Building Muscle Strength and Mass with Ensure Gold and Guardian

I did my physical test recently and was told that my BMI was on the overweight side. Excuse me? I have muscles okay! Not many people know this but BMI is not an accurate reading on your weight and health levels. It doesn't factor in muscles which is in fact heavier than fat. 

According to specialist professor Dr Tan Maw Pin during a muscle building talk session organised by Guardian Malaysia, people can be of the same weight but have different muscle masses. It was thought that we lose our muscle mass and function when we hit our 30s, leading to sarcopenia or muscle wastage. But by starting out on the right diet and exercise routine now, we can maintain a healthy muscle mass into our old age. 

Did you know that 60 years old is the threshold of disability for many if they don't build up their muscle strength in their younger days? Dr Tan says it's best to start building your muscle strength throughout your young adulthood for enable you to live an independent life in your old age. 

But how does one start building up muscle strength and mass? For starters, keeping a consistent workout regime helps. Contrary to popular belief, we should be encouraged to move around more the older we get as this will help strengthen our muscles and bones. Even if we fell down, our muscles and bones would be strong enough to take the impact and support us, thus lessening chances of injuries. 

And of course, ensuring we provide the right nutrients to build muscles also helps our body recover stronger than before. It can be challenging to make sure we take the right nutrients but that's where Ensure Gold can help. Ensure Gold is specially formulated with HMB to provide complete and balanced nutrition to support your overall nutrient intake. Especially for me, it really helps with my post-exercises recoveries. 

Preparing Ensure Gold is really easy. All you need is 200ml of water (cold or warm) and six scoops of Ensure Gold. Don't use hot water as it will destroy the healthy properties of the powder. If you're worried it would taste icky, don't worry because the coffee flavoured Ensure Gold tasted delicious especially with cold water. 

Contrary to popular belief, it's never too late to start taking Ensure Gold and can be taken from any age according to Dr Tan. Ensure Gold comes in coffee, vanilla or wheat flavour and is available at Guardian Malaysia stores nationwide as well as online

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