Friday, December 4, 2020

[Food Review] Foo Foo Fine Desserts, TTDI

"You want two desserts?" the look on the staff's face was incredulous, triggered by the mere idea that one person could finish two desserts that was meant for sharing. 

"And a flat white." I added before tacking on the request to have both desserts brought out at the same time. For photo-taking purposes. I had faith in my eating capacity even if it meant skipping dinner and going for a super hard workout later. 

Let's backtrack a bit. I've had Foo Foo Fine Desserts in TTDI on my radar for quite a while now but never really found the time to visit. After lockdown was lifted, I decided it was the best time to drop in as there would be fewer people. Sadly, none of my friends could join me on that outing and so by myself I went. If I kept waiting on others, I would never have visited a lot of places, you get what I am saying? 

I supposed it was a good thing to visit this place only now, having developed an appreciation for plants and Foo Foo had plenty lining their terrace seating area. The cosy setting of Foo Foo resembled a well-furnished living space, perfect for gatherings while the window seating area had a more intimate setting for you to enjoy some alone time or if you're on a date. 

On to the desserts. As you would have guessed already, I ordered two on my first visit there: the strawberry tart with balsamic vinegar ice-cream and orange chocolate mousse with ginger black molasses cake. You might be puzzled by how the strawberry tart combo works but I enjoyed it the most The strawberries was sweet and went hand-in-hand with the sour tones from the balsamic vinegar ice cream. I could easily nom down this dessert by myself (which I did) 

 I loved anything orange and chocolate and the orange chocolate cake was right up my alley. The quiet hint of ginger did nothing to deter the taste but rather complimented it, adding a third layer of aftertaste. My warm delicious latte helped balance out the flavours to finish. 

My visit there taught me that finishing two desserts by myself was just crazy and on my second visit, I decided to treat my mum to Foo Foo Fine Dessert. This time we ordered the crowd favourite, the Salted Caramel Coffee Profiteroles and my all time favourite, Creme Brulee. Suffice to say, we quickly found out why the profiterole dessert was a popular dessert there. The pastry was perfectly crispy and the inhouse ice-cream melted every so perfectly with each bite. To top it off the caramelised orange at the bottom was a great palate cleanser. 

The creme brulee however was a bit of a disappointment. I found the sugar crust atop to be too thick. Even cracking it took a few whacks of my spoon. The custard was on the sweeter end, perhaps I was overdosed on sweetness at that point. The surprise in this dessert came at its base layer of prune compete which was a nice twist to balance out the general sweetness of this dessert. 

I would say, when at Foo Foo Fine Desserts, go for the more unique desserts. Ask for recommendations - the staff would be more than happy to make a few suggestions. The price was in my option, reasonable considering the quality and innovation of the desserts you will be getting. If anything, come with your friends to split the bill and try more! Reservations are recommended especially if you have a specific table in mind. I made my reservation via Facebook message and they responded fairly promptly. 

Foo Foo Fine Desserts turns five in January 2021, quite a feat for one considering how turbulent 2020 has been. I for one am glad that they are here to stay. With so many coffee and cakes cafes popping up everywhere, it was nice to have a chill spot that serves up fine desserts (that isn't a posh hotel or restaurant). And somewhere for my future boyfriend to bring me for a date. 

Address: First Floor, 64, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, 
Tel: 03-2389 3155
Hours: 3pm - 11pm daily, closed on Wed. 

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