Tuesday, January 12, 2021

[Cafe Review] 270 SQFT, Seapark PJ

Hidden in Seapark, Petaling Jaya is a cafe that is literally only 270 square feet in size and hence its astute name, 270 SQFT. Helmed by Vivien, 270 SQFT opened in the middle of Dec 2020 right smack in the center between two traditional coffeeshops, a duck rice restaurant and a car workshop in one of the oldest part of Petaling Jaya. 

And yet, the quint little cafe fits in just fine. It's a welcoming change of scene for coffee lovers as most of PJ's cafes can be found along Taman Paramount. Even spotting 270 SQFT can a little tricky from the traffic light but as you drive along the road, passing the famous Thong Kee Kopitiam, you will see it and its minimalist exterior. 

The entrance was welcoming, as though I was approaching someone's elegantly designed home with a homey verandah. In fact, if not for the honking of cars and passerby, I can easily envision the cafe front being part of a home. Even upon entering (after scanning the mySejahtera QR and taking my temperature), the feeling of being welcomed home continues into the cafe. 

Now, instead of a landed property home, I am transported to a simple apartment with minimalistic green white walls, parquet flooring, beautiful furniture and a zen looking counter at the end. If you time it right on a sunny day, you will be mesmerised by the display of shadows dancing across the wall and the kaleidoscopic-coloured table. I won't tell you when to visit, that's for you to figure out ;)

Seating is sparse at 270 SQFT which is fine. It's not the kind of cafe where you can park yourself for hours on end with a laptop but rather a place for you to sit down, have a chat over a cuppa coffee, appreciate said cuppa coffee and continue on your day. 

Truly, the drinks are the highlight of the cafe and one can appreciate the variety of drinks available from coffee to tea to not coffee. Understandably, there is a minimum order of one drink per person for dine in which I think it's fair. If you can appreciate the ambiance of the cafe by yourself, then this is the place for you. 

What caught my attention was their yuzu tonic (RM13) and on that bright sunny morning of my visit, it was the perfect thirsty quenching drink. With instructions from Vivien, I first sipped the espresso atop to taste its chocolaty nutty flavours (my favourite type of coffee by the way). Next, I stirred the drink, almost certain it was going to spill over in the unique tilted glass that it was served in (but it didn't).

I have always loved coffee citrus combinations (coffee and raspberry, coffee and honey lemon) but their yuzu tonic was the perfect balance of flavour profiles. Bonus points too for the ball of ice which melts slower and doesn't dilute the drink while keeping it consistently chilled. It was easy to see that my drink was crafted with attention and details and served with a profile card. 

For an early brunch, I opted for the salmon cream cheese bagel. Most places tend to be very stingy with their core ingredients but not 270 SQFT. There was a pleasant and balanced amount of salmon and cream cheese in every bite of my nicely toasted bagel. Not once did I find myself chewing on just bagel. 

I also spotted alcoholic cakes on the menu (not many cafes serve boozy cakes) and decided that 270 SQFT has found a spot on my frequent cafe list. Plus, it's not far from my house and a stone's throwaway from my usual Sarawak Laksa auntie and my favourite burger joint. Vivien was super friendly and nice to chat with and by the end of my visit, I felt as though I had made a new friend. 

270 SQFT has found its place the old neighbourhood of Seapark PJ and easily right into my caffeinated heart. Why else would I have written an uber long review about 270 square feet of space, bagel and coffee? 

270 SQFT cafe
Address: 27, Jalan 21/1, Sea Park, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 
Opening hours: 9am-6pm, daily
Tel: 03-7866 0829
Website: 270sqft.com

[MCO 2.0 Operations]
Takeaway and delivery are available throughout the 13 - 26 Jan lockdown period with advance orders at 270sqft.com. You can also text ahead at 011-56370266 to have your drink ready for pickup or delivery. 

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