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12 Things You can only find at Don Don Donki, Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur

 All Japan-fanatic will know that Don Don Donki is de best place to go shopping when in Japan. It's literally an all-in-one supermarket, department store and convenient mart roll into several massive floors across Japan. And for those of us who miss Japan so much, the opening of their flagship store at the iconic Lot 10, Bukit Bintang has been a long anticipated. 

A second outlet is set to open this year too at Tropicana Gardens Mall but until then, here's a list of things you can only find at Jonetz by Don Don Donki's first outlet. For ease of navigation, I will be arranging it according to their respective floors to help you weirdos find them! 

There are three floors right now and due to the pandemic, the entrance to Don Don Donki is on the second floor with the exit being on the ground floor. So we will start from the top. Let's go! 

2nd FLOOR - Home appliances, sports, toys, beauty, Donpen merchandise, snacks

1. Donpen Merchandise

Donpen is the well-loved blue penguin mascot of Don Don Donki and it should come as no surprise that he has his own line of merchandise for the fans. From plushies to bags to flipflops and socks, you can bring home your own little Donpen too. 

2. Horse Oil from Hokkaido

Yes, horse oil - as in oil extracted from the fats of a horse. Japan is one of the few countries in the world that consume horses, not excessively but as a local delicacy. Instead of wasting the fat, they use it to make wonderful and effective skincare. This is one of the few horse oil brands available in Don Don Donki but you have tried it before as a moisturiser, you can surely attest to how good it is. 

3. Bold Gel Ball 3D Washing Detergent

Are you tired of your washing detergent powder clumping and clogging up your washing machine? Or never knowing how much is enough for your dirty clothes? Then this detergent pod is perfect for you. All you need to do is throw in your clothes into the wash, chuck in the pod after it and start the cycle. So easy. It's great for long trip too as all you need is one or two to do your laundry. 

4. Smiling Exercise Face Mouthpiece

Enhance your smile and make your mouth look cuter by using the Smile Exerciser Mouthpiece every day. Keeping it in your mouth for 10 seconds twice a day will push your cheeks and jawline back up, combating sagging cheeks and the signs of aging. These are available as a duck face or puppy face. Wokaaay Japan...

5. Mothball of Rice
At first glance, you would think this was designed to make your rice spicy. But it wasn't. Based on my poor interpretation of the packaging, it was meant to absorb any moisture from your uncooked rice. Essentially playing the role of a mothball. 

6. Prefecture Specialty Snacks 

Since we can't visit any part of Japan now, why not let Japan come to you in the form of the local specialty dishes now revamped as a snack. Don Don Donki have Fukuoka's mentaiko, Kyoto's preserved pickle and Yatsuhashi wagashi dessert flavours made into a rice cracker. 

7. Assortment of Kit Kat flavours

Kit Kat in Japan are famous for their many regional and seasonal flavours as well as alcholic ones. Aside from Kit Kat confectionaries, the other place where you can find most of the flavours is at Don Don Donki, 

My instant must grab was the white chocolate umeshu Kit Kat. Had I less restrain on my wallet, I could have taken one of every flavour available. I mean, just look at that wall of Kit Kats! 

1st FLOOR - Vegetables, Meat, Sushi, Drinks, Hot Meals, Desserts 

8. Ichiran Ramen (pork and pork-free) 
Ichiran is another well-loved and popular brand in Japan - its popularity on par with Don Don Donki. Hailing from Hakata and scattered all across the mainland of Japan, Ichiran is the world famous vending machine and solo booth ramen with their own instant noodle version. Heeding the calls of ramen fans in Malaysia, they have also released a pork-free version which supposedly does not compromise on taste. But for the porky fans, rest assured that the original remains. 

9.  Yuzu Pepper
Yuzu Pepper aka yuzukosho, originated from the Kyushu region 50 years ago. The characteristic mild sourness of the yuzu combined with the pungent spice of the peppers makes for a truly flavorful spice. With the exception of the Kyushu region, yuzu are also a noted product in Tokushima and Kochi prefectures, and their own variations of this condiment are sold in stores as well. Now without having to leave the country, you can get it at Don Don Donki Malaysia. 

10. Seafood from Toyosu Fish Market
Fresh seafood flown in all the way from the new Toyosu fish market in Tokyo was a major attraction for me. The moment I sighted the beautiful pink marbling of the tuna and salmon, my mouth just watered. They have a wide range of seafood that are cut and packed on the spot to ensure freshness and replenished constantly. 
You can even get mentaiko roe and uni there. If price is your concern, don't be as the pricing there reflected what is expected in Japan. 

GROUND FLOOR - Snacks, fresh fruits, last minute take and go, checkout counter 

11. Aomori Apple Juice
The Tohoku prefecture of Aomori is most well-known for its ringo aka apple and has even produced award-winning apple cider. Aomori produces more than half of Japan's apple supply due to its cooler climates that make it the ideal location. So you can sure to taste the crisp sweetness of this apple juice all the way from Aomori. 

12. Japanese Strawberry
Japan takes their strawberries very seriously with several varieties available in supermarkets across the nation for your selection. Don Don Donki continues to offer this variety with a wide range of strawberry type - all nicely bundled up and packed as gifts. 

Whichever range you take, rest assured that they will only be best and sweetest of berries. I won't say no if you gifted me a box, just saying. 

With narrow rows and rows of interesting products to buy at Don Don Donki, it can get overwhelming if you don’t know what to look out for. So when you drop by Malaysia's flagship outlet, don’t forget to look out for the items I've mentioned today! 

Finding it is super easy, just exit the MRT on Lot 10's side and it's immediately in front of you. Check out their yummy hot sweet potato also at the entrance, great for a grab and go snack!

Jonetz by Don Don Donki, Lot 10
Address: G8-G11 Ground Floor, Lot 10 Shopping Centre, 50, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
Operating Hours: 8am - 12pm (during the pandemic), 24 hours (post pandemic) 
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