Tuesday, June 15, 2021

First Realstudio Officially Established In Malaysia With The Latest Fashion Trends

realme has officially introduced realstudio as its young, trendy and fashionable sub-brand which is established exclusively in Malaysia. As a tech trendsetter, realme believes in doing two things well which are fashion design and technology. Being a technology brand all these years, the team in realme Malaysia is getting trendier every second, every day and with this comes the debut of realstudio with its first realHYPE collection. 
realstudio’s first drop is a collaborative effort with Dare to Leap local fashion brand, HYPE Clothing CO and local artist, Kide Baharudin for a whole new collection named realHYPE. The realHYPE collection consists of a realHYPE t-shirt in Mustard Yellow and two sling pouches that come in square and triangle. The story behind the design of realHYPE collection portrays local vibes under the new norms to remind everyone that despite any tough situation in life, there is still plenty of positivity around the community to motivate each other and keep going. 

The realHYPE collection is priced at RM99 and limited to 100 units only across nationwide, it will be available for fans to purchase from 18 June 2021, 12AM onwards via realme’s Official Store on Shopee, in conjunction with the opening sales day of Shopee 7.7 Mid Year Sale. As part of the realstudio initiative, realme Malaysia will constantly be partnering with talented local designers or artists to unleash their creativity and come up with more stylish collections for the younger generation. 

Follow @realstudio on instagram to keep updated with their latest feeds and upcoming creations every month as they are all limited editions.

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