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Where to Stay on Jeju Island, South Korea

South Korea’s island of the gods and horses– Jeju Island – might just be the perfect getaway destination with gorgeous beaches, quirky museums, land of three natural wonders under its UNESCO belt and beautiful natural landscapes. Even if you rent a car, you won't find the time to see the entire island in a day because there are just so many things to see and do along the way. 
I always believe that the place where you rest and sleep before your next excursion should also be as special as your entire travel itinerary around Jeju. So whether you’re in the mood for a quirky hostel, a traditional experience or a luxury stay, this list has you covered. 

1. Podo Hotel  

Jeju’s unique landscape, culture, and natural beauty has proven to be an inspiration for world-renowned architects such as the late award-winning Japan-born Korean Itami Jun. You can experience one of his legacies at the Podo Hotel, 
Opened for 20 years now, Podo Hotel borrows aspects from the design of traditional Jeju houses such as the overhanging roof and square shape. This feeling of being an old-style house is emphasized by the fermentation pots—traditionally used for kimchi or doenjang—that sit outside the front entrance, as well as the stone walls in the garden. 

The hotel got its name from the Korean word for grape, "Podo" as from the aerial view, the hotel looks like a bunch of grapes while from the ground level, it looks like rolling hills against the Jeju landscape. 
There is also a basement gallery that contains works related to Jeju such as its villages, Hallasan Mountain, and haenyeo divers.

2. Blind Whale

Wake up right next to the ocean at this quaint Jeju house in Jocheon-eup. This house is just outside of Jeju city giving you the best of both worlds with a city within reach and the sea at your doorstep. The building is designed with the elements in mind: its location next to the sea means that it is subjected to its fair share of wind and salt water spray. But as you can see from its modern upgrade, it remains suitably sturdy and squat — looking not unlike a whale with its curved, dark form. 

Two to six guests can comfortably stay at this remodelled old house with a substantial yard featuring bamboo trees and a spacious lawn. There are two queen size beds, an open-air bath and whirlpool spa, kitchen, individual BBQ deck and terrace, and parking. Though fully modern in the interior, the remodelling remains true to the original design of the house, its inner wooden rafters and outer stone walls. 

As guests, you’ll be protected from the elements by this brilliant structure, so enjoy a barbecue in the yard by the sea and spend the night in one of Jeju’s amazing and unique guest houses.

3. Whistle Lark Hotel

Hotel near the city and airport? Check. View of the sea? Check. View of airplanes taking off? Check and check! Conveniently located by the harbour, Whistle Lark Hotel is a strategic base from which to explore the vibrant city. From here, you can enjoy easy access to all that the lively city has to offer and its must-see destinations.

The hotel offers free Wi-Fi in all rooms, 24-hour front desk and parking - a must for those visiting Jeju. 
The hotel offers wonderful recreational facilities such as outdoor pool to make your stay truly unforgettable. When you are looking for comfortable and convenient accommodations in Jeju Island, make Whistle Lark Hotel your home away from home.

4) Byeol Heneum Bam

Did you know that winter in Jeju is the best season to gaze at the stars? The low humidity and the presence of wind blows fine dust and pollution away and reveals a vivid and clear night sky. You can easily observe the Big Dipper and Cassiopeia in the northern sky, and the colorful hourglass-shaped Orion in the southern sky. 
The opportunity to encounter special winter constellations that will make you forget even the coldest winter night winds that chill the tip of your nose, will ensure that you spend all night under Jeju's skies from the comfort of your caravan at Byeol Heneum Bam. 

Located in Aewol, Jeju is Byeol Heneum Bam. Its name literally means 'a night counting stars' and true enough, you can see the stars twinkling in the night sky. If you're fortunate, you can even keep an eye out for the Milky Way in winter. Byeol Heneum Bam offers two types of camping, caravan and a dome-shaped tent. You will find yourself hard pressed to find anything lacking here. Byeol Heneun Bam offers free breakfast like milk, juice, toast, eggs, jam and coffee - a much needed pick me up after a night of star gazing. 

You can check out more glamping options from the Visit Jeju website.

5) Barr Guesthouse

Ladies, wake up to the emerald colours of Jeju's coastline right outside your doorstep at Barr Guesthouse! Located right next to to the ocean near Geumneung and Hyeopjae beaches, two treasured beaches west of Jeju City, Barr Guesthouse is one of the few accommodations on Jeju that are only for women. 

This renovated traditional Jeju stone house offers ocean views and a large courtyard where you can enjoy the sounds of the crashing waves, a stunning view of Biyangdo Island and the sunset. If you're not up for cooking in the kitchen, there are plenty of restaurant and cafes within walking distance of the guesthouse. 

For those driving, there is limited parking in a nearby public parking lot. 


While there are plenty of hotels and guesthouses located all around the island, there are but some accommodation options that will guarantee that you have a well-rested experience that is uniquely Jeju island. 

If you're thinking of renting a car, then check out step-by-step guide on renting a car in Jeju. For the trail lovers and outdoor junkies, Jeju also has you spoiled for choice with 26 hiking routes all around the island but here are the top 3 picks as recommended by Jeju Olle.

You can also refer to the Visit Jeju tourism website for more accommodations and itinerary ideas. 

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