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[Review + Promo code!] Sudio T2 - 7.5 hours playtime, ANC + Transparency Mode

I have found that the best defense against random strangers walking up to you in public either to sell you stuff or to recruit a good set of earphones. Bonus points especially if those earphones come equipped with noise cancellation because then, you have the legit excuse of not hearing them or your mother asking you to clean up the house. 

But of course, for safety reasons, having noise cancellation as a permanent feature can be dangerous especially when you're out for a jog or cycling. This is why the new Sudio T2's option for you to turn it off and switch between active noise cancellation (ANC) and transparency mode is god sent! 

But I am getting ahead of myself.
Let's talk about the new Sudio T2, the latest model to join its stable of earphones. Basically, it's an upgraded version of the Sudio Tolv, one of its bestselling earphones now with an evolved design, fit and new colours. 

Thanks to Sudio, I got to try out the T2 before it's available in Malaysia and I must might be my favourite wireless earphones yet. 

Adorable Charging Casing with Matt Finish 
The egg-like shape of the T2 casing makes me just wanna whip it out every time I go to a cafe. Its soft matt colour and finish just fits in with an afternoon of working out off home with a coffee at hand and a laptop in front of me. The earphones comes in four colours for now: white (which I picked), black, Sand (Like my Sudio NIO) and the ever so pretty Jade (which I initially wanted but they were out of stock) 

The tassel was a nice touch to the casing as I can latch it to a clasp in my handbag, keeping it safe and secure for when I need my T2 on the go.
Beamforming Design for Your Bean-size Earphones
Maybe because I have small ears or the bones of my ears are just weird, there were times when it felt as though the earphones didn't sit right in my ears and would fall out. To Sudio's credit, they didn't. Equipped with five different sizes of wing tips with medium as the default size, you can pick and chose which wing tip to apply to ensure a comfortable fit to your ear. 

I ended up fitting my T2 with the large wing tip for my ease of mind. 

The T2 features a dual beamforming microphone array which does wonders to capture the ambient surroundings and another mic facing your mouth to capture your speech. Sudio apparently worked out some magic in its algorithm to analyse sound waves and reduce sound waves of your surroundings. This, I dare say worked amazingly during my office meetings on Zoom without the ritualistic "hello, can you hear me? Is my voice clear?" 

This nicely leads me into my next point. 

Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode 
Truly I have never understood the need for noise cancellation until I used the T2 in a cafe that got progressively noisier. By the time I was done with work, I realised that the earphones had done most of the work blocking out the noise pollution of human beings. 

I especially like that the earphones lets you switch between ANC and transparency mode or just turning it off completely. ANC mode does as it says, aka turning down the surrounding noise - a great feature to have the next time I travel by plane and there is crying kid nearby. transparency mode enhances the sounds around you - a nifty feature especially when you're walking on a busy street or out for a run and need to be aware of your surroundings. Safety first always. 

To access the control for this function, just hold down either earphones for 2 secs and hear it go woosh or ping. It does take a while to figure out the differences in mode but once you do, the world of sound is at your fingertips. 

7.5 hours of Music, Chatting and Workouts
Marathons in Malaysia have the average cut off time of 7.5 hours which is coincidentally the play time of the Sudio T2 without the ANC. With the charger, the T2 has a battery life of 35 hours in total. That's an average of 5 hours of use a day.  A 10 minutes charge will give you two hours of music - pretty good if you need instant music before a train ride. 

I tested the Sudio T2 on my usual work from day, starting with lo-fi music on my laptop while doing work followed by an hour or two of Netflix, going into a one hour meeting with the bosses. The battery life lasted well past a one hour workout session. 

Aggressive Bluetooth 5.2 Connectivity 
And speaking of seamless connectivity between my laptop and my phone, the Sudio T2 switches between both very intuitively and fast. As soon as I turn off the Bluetooth of my phone, it immediately latches on to the laptop even though the laptop could be 8 meters away

Having said that, the Bluetooth 5.2 is crazy aggressive. My laptop with Youtube on, would be hooked on to my Bluetooth speakers and as soon as I open the Sudio T2 casing, it immediately overrides the speaker and connects to the laptop. Just something to bare in mind when if you have several wireless audio devices within vicinity. 

Review Verdict
Right now, my own qualm with my T2 is just keeping the white casing clean of dirt. On a highsight, I could have picked the black but imagine rummaging through my bag for it. The size of the earpiece sits weird in my ear but then again, everyone's ear sizes are different. It's a matter of getting used to it and trusting in Sudio's ergonomic design. 

As for the sound quality, I've enjoyed the deep bass of the sound it produces and with the ANC on, it really does make a difference to your listening experience, be it a movie on Netflix, Youtube or just listening to music. 

If you're familiar with Sudio devices then the controls are easy to figure out. I am just glad that the touch panels are bigger and feels different this time compared to the NIO's tiny button. Its splash and sweat resistant feature meant I can take it out for runs or workouts with little worries of water-damage. 

But of course it is always good practice to wipe it off after use. 

[Price + Promo Code] 
You can order you Sudio T2 (priced at RM549) today on the Official Sudio Online store. But as my reader, you can get 15% off your Sudio T2 purchase when you key in SUGOIT2 at checkout!

Oh oh, and by the way, Grab Pay and Paylater are now payment options on the Sudio website so you can get your earphones AND earn GrabRewards points at the same time! 

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