Saturday, November 20, 2021

[REVIEW] Club Med Cherating Resort, Pahang

I was in dire need of a holiday getaway in 2020 and decided, with my friend, to book at Club Med Cherating for a 4D3N trip. Why Club Med? 

Why not? It had everything inclusive of the price, from food and drinks (plus booze) all day, activities, two beaches, two swimming pools and the sea right at the doorstep of my room. It was the perfect place to go especially in a time of a pandemic when you just want to minimise exposure and contact with people and just not think about what and where to eat for your next meal on holiday. 

Plus Club Med also introduced their Peace of Mind Policy which means you can change your travel dates 7 days before arrival free of charge in case any nasty incidents pop up. The resort has also taken measures in ensure guest safety like having guests wear gloves at the buffet line as well as offering a complimentary Covid-19 medical cover. I could go on and on about their Covid prevention measures but you can just read about it here

After nearly a year of booking the trip, having to postpone it due to lockdown and etc etc, it was like a breath of relief when we finally headed off to Kuantan. I booked my 4D3N package with Sedunia Travel to grab their 2020 promo before MCO. And as soon lockdown was lifted, all I needed to do was to text them to book my new dates. After a quick pitstop of Teluk Cempedak, we arrived at Club Med Cherating just in time for check-in at 3pm. Along with a stream of cars behind us. 

After unloading our luggage at the lobby, my friend headed off to park her car at the outdoor parking lot next to the lobby. Just bare in mind your car will be sitting in the hot sun for the duration of your trip so don't leave any perishables inside. Check-in was fast and we were guided to our room by their friendly G.O with our bags being sent ahead. After a short rest enjoying the powerful aircon in the room, we headed out to the beach and pool to just chill until dinner. 

One of the appeals of Club Med is the availability of food and drinks round the clock at their restaurants and bar. There are three restaurants to pick from, Mutiara, Enak Noodle Bar and Rembulan The buffet line at Mutiara restaurant had a wide variety of food from Asian food to Western cuisine as well as healthy options. 

Club Med even has a fridge for baby food. I would say the food is a mix of hits and misses. Go for the dishes that require plating by the staff or the cheese. The cheese selection and desserts were pretty good. 

For a midweek, there were already a considerable amount of families and guests and the pool was full in the evenings. Club Med Cherating also has a Zen pool and a third restaurant on their other beach which requires taking a train to get to or via the jungle trail. The Zen pool was meant for adults only and as the name indicates zen, but some adults don't seem to get that message with their rambunctious noises. 

The jungle trail was well kept and easy to hike along with some amazing views of the secluded beach. You can join the jungle walk with their G.Os if you're unsure of the trail. The trail takes you to the other beach with the Zen pool and the Rembulan Restaurant. 

The evenings are occupied with performances and entertainments by the staff but seating are limited and first-come, first-serve so be quick to get your spots if you're planning to attend it. 

Club Med has heaps of activities scheduled and sport facilities all over the resort to keep you and the kids occupied. There is also a well equipped gym and spa (additional cost required for spa treatment). Or you can do what I did and spend more of the afternoon, chilling by the beach. 

If you're looking for a getaway where you don't need to leave the resort and worry about food and what to do to fill your day, then Club Med Cherating is the place for you. With so many facilities and the Kid's Club, it's perfect for families and groups of friends. But if you're looking for a quiet escape from the crowd, then maybe avoid the weekends and holiday periods because it resembles a wet market then. 

Travel Tips: 

1. Check out is 11am but you can stay on in the resort until after lunch which is included. There is a shower room below the bar you can use to freshen up before leaving.
2. Book your activities and get the activity schedule with the Club Med app. All you need to do is key in your name and travel dates and it automatically logs you in.
3. Wifi is available throughout the resort except at the beach but mobile data is fair stable there.
4. IC is needed for Malaysians and passport for international guests at checkin.
5. Monkeys live in the forest around the resort so becareful with your belongings. 
6. Finally, stay at least 3 nights to truly enjoy the faculties' and holiday. 2 nights are not enough.

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Anonymous said...

We have been wanted to go - 6 adults, 4 kuds 7 yrs below and an infant in Dec, not ideal because of the monsoon but that's when everyone can take leave from work and school. Recently I heard the monkey situation is pretty bad so we have 2nd thoughts. Your views please