Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Walao! Meet Travelwalla - Malaysia's own Travel Booking Platform

Travellers of Malaysia can look forward to more competitive rates and savings with the entrance of Travelwalla into the industry. As Malaysia's very first online travel partner (OPT), Travelwalla aims to define a tailored travel solution of complete autonomy and empowerment for both industry partners and consumers. 
Travelwalla is the brainchild of Mohammed Amin Mohammed Sidek, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Travelwalla and conceptualised to disrupt the matured yet rigid travel sector through innovative solutions. This homegrown online travel booking platform is the pioneer of a new travel trend where empowerment is given back to travel industry partners, instead of an over-reliance on third party commission-driven sites, all while offering a scalable travel experience for the end consumer. 

To gain traction within the industry, Travelwalla has launched its “Become A Partner” page which has generated significant interest, garnering over RM20 million in contract value from properties that have been listed for free, within two weeks of its launch. “Travelwalla was conceptualised to drive industry change, both for players within the travel ecosystem and consumers. We imagined a solution that is intuitive and scalable, while offering more options for users,” said Amin.

Having integrated with large channel managers such as RateGain, a leading travel technology platform as well as its DHISCO Switch platform that enables Travelwalla to establish direct push connectivity to large and enterprise hotel chains globally, Travelwalla is set to possess an inventory of over 60,000 properties at the disposal of users who book their travels via the Travelwalla website. Both technologies allow listed hoteliers to expand their reach and visibility online while easily managing rates, availability and reservations via AI-powered solutions.

Travelwalla has also integrated with Texas-based Sabre Corporation, which is among the world’s largest Global Distribution System providers for airlines, as well as formed a strategic partnership with Mayflower Holidays to ensure the best rates and routes for its airline inventory. Plans are underway for additional integrations with several other global Channel Managers including STAAH, Siteminder, TravelClick, Rate Tiger & D-Edge - ensuring that the largest inventory of hotel rooms are available to users on Travelwalla.

Amin added, “We are proud to have the support of leading industry technology providers that help us not only increase our inventory but also offer solutions that support all platforms, which provides a seamless and frictionless solution for partners and consumers.”

Travelwalla employs a performance subscription model for hotel partners. In Malaysia the capped subscription rate will be based on MOTAC star-rating and total number of available rooms, whereas international properties will see capped subscription rates based on Average Daily Room Rates (ADR) and total number of available rooms. For each successful booking, Travelwalla retains 12% of the sale price, until the sum retained reaches the agreed-upon annual subscription rate. This “first-of-its-kind” model will see hotels saving up to 90% on commission paid out to international OTAs. 

Driven by both leading technology and the scalability of Travelwalla’s solution, the economic impact this app will be creating for the tourism industry is unmatched. Travelwalla opens doors for hoteliers and business owners to reap the benefits of a booming travel period without being drowned by high commission rates charged by large corporations. Travelwalla is a clear example of how travel innovations of today are reshaping the industry for tomorrow.

In conjunction with the groundbreaking launch, Travelwalla is inviting Malaysians with a passion for the travel industry and a dream to reimagine travel to join its team. More information on a career with Travelwalla is available at ambitions@travelwalla.com.

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