Friday, July 28, 2023

Royal Canin Malaysia to Showcase Best Cat Care at Kucing Expo 2023

Royal Canin, the leading provider of scientifically tailored pet nutrition in Malaysia, is excited to participate in the 6th annual edition of Kucing Expo, the country's largest cat exhibition. Taking place from 4th to 6th August at the MATRADE Exhibition & Convention Centre (MECC) in Kuala Lumpur, the event promises to be a celebration of feline companions and responsible cat ownership. 

Royal Canin's booth will center around the theme "Best Care for your Cat," offering valuable insights, interactive sessions with veterinary experts, and a chance to win exclusive prizes. Let's explore how Royal Canin aims to foster a culture of optimum cat care and well-being in Malaysia.

1. Promoting Responsible Cat Ownership
At Kucing Expo 2023, Royal Canin Malaysia remains committed to educating visitors about the importance of responsible cat ownership. Through themed games, educational infographics, and vet assessment rooms, the company emphasizes the significance of preventive veterinary care and proper feline nutrition. By raising awareness about these essential aspects of cat care, Royal Canin aims to make providing the best possible care a standard practice among cat owners in Malaysia.

2. Tailored Nutrition for Every Cat
Recognizing that each cat has a unique story, Royal Canin believes that every feline companion deserves a personalized nutritional plan and regular veterinary check-ups. Many adult cats may experience health sensitivities related to skin, hairballs, or other issues. To address these sensitivities, Royal Canin's Feline Care Nutrition range offers specially tailored nutritious formulas designed to support overall health while targeting specific sensitivities. Visitors at Kucing Expo will have the opportunity to learn about these products and gain valuable insights from Royal Canin's experts.

3. Engaging Activities and Exclusive Prizes
Royal Canin's booth at Kucing Expo promises an array of engaging activities for attendees. Participants will have a chance to win exclusive prizes, including Royal Canin merchandise and official vouchers for health through nutrition products for their beloved feline companions. Additionally, visitors can interact with veterinary experts during personalized sessions, receiving tailored advice for their cat's specific needs.

4. Extensive Product Range
For cat owners seeking premium Royal Canin cat products, the booth at Kucing Expo 2023 will showcase an extensive selection of items. Ranging from the Feline Wet Range to the Feline Care Nutrition and the Start of Life range for kittens, attendees will have access to a variety of high-quality products to meet their cats' nutritional needs.

Through informative initiatives, engaging activities, and a focus on tailored nutrition, Royal Canin aims to empower cat owners to prioritize the health and happiness of their furry friends. For more information about Royal Canin Malaysia and its range of tailored pet nutrition, please visit their website at or contact them at +603 7492 0188.

By attending Kucing Expo 2023, visitors will not only have a chance to interact with experts but also learn how to create a healthier and happier life for their beloved cats. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to discover the best care for your feline companion!

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