Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Unveiling the Secret of MILO®: Join the Immersive Goodness Truck Experience Now!

Fans of MILO, have you ever wondered what is the secret recipe that makes Milo so damn good? 

Well, brace yourself for an extraordinary experience like never before as MILO has recently introduced the world's first-of-its-kind 360° Immersive MILO Goodness Truck. This a revolutionary initiative is aimed at educating people from all walks of life about the natural goodness of the ingredients that make up our favorite cup of MILO.

For decades, MILO has been cherished by Malaysians for its unique blend of barley malt, milk, cocoa, and a combination of 6 vitamins and 3 minerals, making it a nutritious and beloved beverage across the nation. Now, with the MILO Goodness Truck, curious visitors will have the opportunity to uncover the secret behind this cherished drink and explore its nutritious goodness up close and personal.

Immersive 360° Experience

What sets the MILO Goodness Truck apart is its immersive 360° experience that takes visitors on an enchanting journey into the world of MILO. Digital projections, atmospheric lighting, and captivating sound effects work in unison to create a sensory adventure, enveloping visitors in the essence of MILO. As they step into this world of chocolatey goodness, visitors can engage all their senses, experiencing the aromatic smell, the touch, and the appearance of MILO firsthand.

Exploring the Original MILO® Recipe
Ever wondered how the original MILO® recipe is prepared? The MILO® Goodness Truck roadshow provides the perfect opportunity to learn about the meticulous preparation techniques that contribute to MILO®'s renowned choco-malty taste. The journey will shed light on the careful selection of high-quality ingredients and the craftsmanship that goes into every cup of MILO®. It's a chance to appreciate the artistry behind this beloved beverage.

A Message from the CEO
At the grand launch of the MILO Goodness Truck, Mr. Juan Aranols, CEO of Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad, expressed his excitement about this remarkable initiative. As a brand that has held a special place in the hearts of Malaysians for over 70 years, MILO is taking its mission to the streets of Malaysia through the Goodness Truck roadshow. The event aims to answer a key question that has intrigued many: "How is MILO made?" 

This initiative not only brings nourishment and joy but also spreads positive energy to communities, one sip of MILO at a time.

So, if you're a MILO® enthusiast or simply curious about the science of a classic Malaysian delight, don't miss the chance to embark on this delightful journey of exploration with the MILO Goodness Truck.For those eager to join the MILO Goodness Truck roadshow and learn more about this beloved beverage, additional information is available on MILO Malaysia's official website at

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