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[Food Review] Manhattan Fish Market Golden Cheese Treasures

Okay, it has been a long time since I've done a food review so bear with me as I dig out my rusty culinary describing skills.

I was recently invited to try out Manhattan Fish Market's Golden Cheese Treasures dishes. Seafood is already a sign of prosperity during Chinese New Year. So how else better to add more prosperity than a dash of cheese with its golden hues to mirror gold, a symbol of wealth and fortune. 

They had something similar last year although the cheese was much thicker and best served hot. This year their cheese was made of melty mozzarella cheese topping, acting like a sauce. This main highlight of this seasonal menu was their Golden Fortune Seafood Platter. 

This unique dish promised a symphony of flavors, blending vrispy fried dory fillets, squid slices, prawns, mussels, and scallops with the golden goodness of cheese. The platter is completed with aglio olio pasta and mixed vegetables. 

Here's my take on this delectable treasure. There is a generous amount of seafood. My friends and I agreed that the dory fish parts were the nicest. The prawn and mussels weren't too bad although we felt that the scallops could have been left alone or served grilled in butter. 

As for the batter, the golden crust provided a satisfying crunch, adding a textural contrast to the creamy cheese. The cheese itself was gooey from start to finish, a vast difference from last year's version that hardened once cooled. 

My only complain was the aglio olio didn't sit right with the deep fried seafood as this pasta itself was oily. Naturally, oily and fried doesn't really mix well. The herb rice would be a much better option to go hand-in-hand with the platter as the rice does well to complement the richness of the seafood. 

Let's not disregard the sides as well. The soup of the day I had was mushroom soup with a drizzle of basil and it was a comforting start to the dinner. The other unsung hero of the night was the mac and cheese which was surprisingly not too jilat or overwhelming despite the amount of cheese we had. 

The Golden Cheese Treasures at Manhattan Fish Market is a must-try for seafood aficionados especially for family with kids who love variety and parents looking for value for money meals during this Chinese New Year. 

The Golden Cheese Treasures is available until 25 February at Manhattan Fish Market restaurants nationwide so be sure to give it a try and let me know what you think!

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