Friday, June 7, 2024

CzipLee (集 利): SOMe Market 3.0 - Stationery & Journaling Market

Rooted in tradition yet forward-looking, CzipLee, a family-run stationery and books store is synonymous with quality stationery, artistic treasures, and a passion for nurturing creativity. 

This weekend, 8 - 9 June 2024, CzipLee is proud to support the SOMe Market 3.0, a stationery & journaling market, set to feature talent from across Malaysia and beyond. This year's SOMe Market 3.0 will be held opposite Cziplee at Bangsar Village II. 

At SOMe Market, they believe that every moment, regardless of its scale or significance, deserves to be celebrated and recorded. This year, they explore the theme of “Celebrating Every Moment” from a fresh perspective, drawing inspiration from the concept of time with the clock as our focal point.

Each tick of the clock marks a chance for celebration, reflection, gratitude, and an opportunity to record the ordinary, small things in your journal, turning fleeting moments into cherished memories.

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