Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cosmart + Ippudo Ramen

I have always wanted to try cosplay but never really found the inspiration and time and let's face it, the effort to actually sit down and plan it. The closest I have come to cosplaying anything was this...


And these were at Comic Fiesta last year. As you can see, my props were more or less handmade and minimal. Yeah...those weren't exactly my best attempt at cosplaying.....

So anyway, to gain inspiration and materials for my second cosplay attempt at Comic Fiesta this year, I decided to check out CF's recent mini event, Cosmart at Parkamaya, Fahrenheit 88. Basically a cosplay event for cosplayers, veteran and new, Cosmart was the perfect place to stock up on all your cosplaying needs and also meet fellow cosplayers. (At this point, I lost count of how many times I typed cosplay...). The elusive CF tickets and Epic Loot bag were also available for sale for the die-hard fans.

This event was mainly for aspiring cosplayers to meet up with veteran cosplayers and seasoned costume makers and suppliers to get their materials as well as meet up and exchange tips and advices. Here, you can get new and pre-loved stuffs like wigs, costumes, props and makeup.

I bought this little fella and stuffed him into my bag while I continued browsing. Ended up leaving the event with a pre-loved brunette wig at only RM15, a wig stand (RM5), RM1 hair netting and a pink hair spray at only RM7. 

And I still have no idea what I will cosplaying as.

To keep up with the Japanese theme of the day, I headed over the famous Ippudo Ramen to satisfy my ramen craving. Even though it was slightly before noon, the restaurant was already filled with people. The food here must be good to have built such a strong reputation amongst Ramen lovers because the prices are bank-breaking, eat-bread-drink-water-after-this expensive.

Mindful of the high prices, I ordered a pot of roasted green tea and their seasonal Kasaneaji Ramen (RM29). Only a certain amount of Kasaneaji Ramen is made each day (50 bowls for weekdays and 100 bowls on weekends and public holidays)

Consisting of a chicken and pork broth, the Kasaneaji ramen comes with two slices of pork belly, half a lava egg, dried seaweed and spring onions. Considering the price I was paying, I thought the two slices of pork belly was too little. The ramen I had at Goku Raku Ramen, Midvalley came with five slices. The ramen I had in Osaka came with so much pork slices that I lost count. Fortunately, the noodles was well-down and chewy and broth was good enough to slurp up. Apart from the price and stinginess in the toppings, this ramen isn't too bad.

Too bad I am a ravenous meat eater who needs a good share of meat in every meal I have. For the high price I paid, I think I could have gotten better and much more reasonable ramen elsewhere. That came with more meat.

A spot of Starbucks quickly followed lunch to sate my sweet tooth.

Ippudo Ramen
Address: Lot C4.07.00, Connection Level 4, Pavilion KL. 
Tel:03-2110 6233
Operating Hours: 11am - 11pm 

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