Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Guess Luxe Collection Launch @ the Gardens

To kick off the festive season, GUESS launched their Luxe Fall/Winter 2013 collection just last week at an intimate event at the Garden's outlet and 50 fashion-crazed bloggers from the Butterfly Project were invited to have a first look at the new collection. I am happy to say that I was one of those lucky butterflies to attend the event.

Already filled with early birds.
Myself and partner in crime, Senri.

As soon as I entered the store, I was immediately greeted by the sight of trigger-happy girls decked out all in white for the occasion and snapping away with their favorite piece from the Luxe collection. We got to see, feel, steal and fall in love with the minimal but luxurious collection.

Gorgeous blue bag with shoes to match.
Fish knows what she wants.
 With prices in the triple digits, the new collection allows women and girls from all walks of life access to luxurious handbags and clutches of classical patterns and timeless designs for the year end season of parties to come! I could not wait until I started working again just so I could get my hands one of these gorgeous handbags. Like this one.

I got my eye on you, Purple Bag.
I quickly found out why everyone was posing with the handbags and taking many pictures of them on their phones and joined in as well. You see, there is an Instagram contest where the top three bloggers with the most creative photo gets to walk away with three pieces from the Luxe collection. How neat is that?
Emcee tells us about the collection and the contest.
Naturally everyone went crazy and went glued to their photos for most of the evening until a group of sexy dancers made their entrance with GUESS handbags and proceeded to wow us with their moves. How they can dance in those outfits and with the bags, I have no idea.

Sexy bags (Geddit? Geddit?)
That's my bag!
Pretty brown.

A pleasant surprise came in the form of my college friend, Harmini who is new to the Butterfly Project group. This was in fact her first Butterfly event. Many would recognize her for her hand-made accessories, clothes and signature dreamcatchers as the founder and brains behind Deeper than Fashion. Show her some love by liking and following her Facebook page here.

Long time no see, babe!
Mandatory cam-whoring.

To end the night, the winners of the Instagram contest was announced and they were Reiko, Sabby and Lisa who went home as proud and stylish owners of their own GUESS handbags. Congratulations, ladies!

Proud GUESS bag owners.

For a glimpse at some of the handbags, there ya go:

See something you like? Then head on over to selected GUESS outlets today. 

Thanks, Butterfly Project and GUESS for the invite!

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