Friday, November 29, 2013

Bite Hopping with 1Utama & the Butterfly Project Part 2

In this part of Bite Hopping through 1Utama with the Butterfly Project, let me introduce you to the eateries found in High Street. After covering most of Food Street (which you can read about in Part 1 here), the next part of my foodie mission took me to High Street lower ground (LG). 

[Non-halal] But before that, on my way to the former new wing of 1Utama, I dropped by this hidden little hideaway for my Bak Kut Teh fix, Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh. How do you find it? Just look out for a giant bowl next to the escalator on the lower ground floor and it is right next to the Chinese medicine store, way inside. 

Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh is famously known for their string-tied meat that ensure the meat remains firm and succulent when it is boiled in the herbal soup. It comes served on a ceramic burner to make sure it is constantly hot as you slurp on it. And it just so happened that when I was here, it started pouring cats and dogs outside. Talk about the perfect weather for piping hot soup and pork!

Having gotten my fill of porky soup, I decided to take a break and apply for my complimentary OneCard to kill time and make space for more food. As soon as I got my new shiny colourful stripy card, I was back on the hunt!

The Food Street in High Street LG covered a much bigger area and has a more up-markety ambiance to its restaurants and cafes. If you are looking for something fried, meaty yet healthy then there is BBQ Chicken that has discovered the secret to frying their chicken with olive oil. To find out how is that possible, you will just have to drop by yourself.

[Non-Halal] One particular spot with a wide range of Chinese dishes and drinks is Lammeeya, a name play on the name of a popular noodle dish, Lam Mee.To get an idea of what they offer, you just need to peek into the outlet and let the wallpaper entice you. No, seriously everything that will have you salivating is on the walls of the shop. Of course, if you are not sure of what to have, just ask the waiter for recommendations. Or alternatively, google.

Another non-halal stop that also offered Chinese style food - home cook style - was Food Box. Craving for something warm, porky and close to home, I ordered the braised pork with rice, similar to how my grandma would always cook it for me. On top of the pork and rice, the meal also came with an omelette, vege and soup, making it an overall wholesome meal.

Besides home-cooked meals, they also serve traditional local desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Speaking of sweet tooth, just next door to Food Box is Molten Lava that has the yummiest churros. It was far better than the ones I had in Perth. Besides churros, Molten Lave also serves an array of delicate macaroons and apparently really good funnel cake.

I had their simple and delicious cinnamon sugar churros, served piping hot from the frier and was cooked to crunchy perfection. They also have different variants of churros like chocolate dip and filled churros.

And of course, I saved the best for last and that is Vivo American Pizza and Panini. Despite being filled to the brim, I could still find some place in my black hole of a tummy to tuck away their signature hand-tossed Smoked BBQ Chicken pizza. Thankfully the size was small and actually sufficient for two small eaters.

And finally the star of my Wonderfood Adventure experience with 1Utama and the Butterfly Project, ta-da!!

Vivo's Volcanic Lava cake! 

This dessert is da bomb! By far, one of the best tasting dessert I have ever come across. Lava cake is a tricky dessert to make as it can only be made upon ordering and served as soon as it is ready. The heat needs to be sustain to ensure that the oozing goodness of chocolate inside doesn't harden and the outer layer maintains its fluffiness. Not only is the texture tricky to maintain, taste is key and Vivo nailed it with their rich chocolate perfectly paired with a cold vanilla ice-cream.

I waited 30 minutes for this dessert (mainly because a staff broke the first one according to Vivo's owner and they had to remake it. See, told you, tricky.) and it was well worth it.

 My new guilty pleasure? It would seem so.

So anyone up for another session of Bite Hopping with me through 1Utama? I got a new OneCard reloaded with RM50 for spending courtesy of 1Utama. What to know what so special about this card, then read my previous post! Or just log on

To find out more about 1Utama and what other foodie goodness they offer, log on to and don't forget to like and follow to get updates on their promotions. 

Thank you, Butterfly Project for the invitation to be a part of this awesome food adventure!

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