Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Humble Pie Co, Section 17, PJ review

With so many coffee and dessert eateries popping up all over Petaling Jaya, one is certainly spoiled for choice but when the familiar name of a well-known online dessert shop opens up in your backyard, a visit is due.

Calling out a friend, I paid a visit to the newly opened Humble Pie Co on its opening weekend, keen to try its famous Banoffee Pie. My friend was running late and to curb my hunger, I decided to grab a light brunch there and found myself staring up at the menu board behind the counter. The menu while limited at the moment in terms of food, had very interesting combinations of coffee and tea.

Their Carapple Latte caught my eye and I opted to try that along with their homemade Pesto and Toast. The kitchen opens at 12pm for lunch but luckily for me, they were able to accommodate my meal order and before long, my orders were served to my cosy corner table.

The Carapple Latte is a mix of caramel latte with a hint of apple and indeed I could taste the apple flavour in it. It doesn't overwhelm the original coffee taste and in fact, gives it a refreshing twist.

My Pesto and Toast was served with Bruschetta bread and all I had to do was spread the delicious pesto across its surface and bite in. I could easily taste the freshness in the pesto, reminding me of the olive oil mixture from New Zealand. My friend finally joined me and ordered a Spicy Beef Sandwich which came between two big bread slices and with a generous amount of minced beef and lettuce leaves in between. Judging by how she gobbled it up, it must have been good.

Finally it was time to try the longingly-awaited Banoffee Pie and alongside that, I also ordered their delicious hot Earl Grey Chocolate. Non-coffee drinkers will enjoy the Earl Grey Chocolate with its fragrant taste and light texture.

The 3.5 inch Banoffee Pie was a heavenly combination of fresh chunks of bananas and toffee sauce on top of a base of digestive biscuit. To top of this guilty pleasure, the generous handful of vanilla creme was added to the top of it and showered with coffee dust. I shared it with my friend and found the portion just perfect for us, given that we had just eaten a good meal each.

I was eying their Duffee Pie as well but decided to save it for another visit. A friend had also recommended their Humblest Cheesecake which sadly wasn't available that day. Another reason to visit their cafe soon.

As it had just opened, the service still had a few kinks and creaks to iron out but I could see the owners, Eugene and Angela working hard to rectify that. For me, as long as I had a good cup of coffee or tea-chocolate hybrid drink and a pie in front of me, I was happy. The Humble Pie Co had the sort of atmosphere that was warm and inviting, befitting of a neighborhood cafe. I have no doubt that once their service and kitchen find their stride, this place won't be just known for its pie. 

Parking is and has always been an issue due to its neighbor, Kanna Curry House but Malaysians are known to be very adaptable, creative and resourceful in times of lack of parking. To quote my friend, Elie Lam, "Double parking is the way of life." 

In the name of good food, Malaysians will brave horrid parking situations and I just know that nothing will stand between them and pie.

No. 11, Jalan 17/45,
46400, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(same row as Kanna Curry House)
Tel: 016- 9221973 / 03 - 79321793
Hours: 10am - 10pm


Blvck said...

Ooooh I sort of know the owner from my colleague! I need to go try this!

Tania said...

Then drop by and say hi! (and while you are at it, grab a pie) ;)