Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Signature Cafearo by Yves, 1 Shamelin Cheras review

In this unpretentious mall in Cheras called 1 Shamelin shopping mall, there is a hidden jem of cafe and it is called Signature Cafearo. Signature Cafearo has a bright future as a crowd-bringer due to its wide range of scrumptious food, drinks and desserts. And what a crowd it was with 18 bloggers heading there for a food review.

Much like finding the mall, locating the cafe can be quite tricky but as Isabel told Elie and I on the day of the review, "just look for Share Tea and Ipoh White Coffee." The entrance to Signature Cafearo is just down the corridor next to a Japanese cafe.

Signature Cafearo is brightly lilted with a tempting dessert display at the entrance and comfortable table-chair and sofa settings. There is also an outdoor eating area if you like to watch the world pass by while sipping on a cup of their delicious coffee or Oreo Mint Milk Shake or whatever rocks your boat. The saying "There is something for everybody" rings so true here. Salad, fusion pasta, Japanese, Western, Chinese, coffee, designer drinks, cakes, sweets. Patrons are spoiled for choice with their extensive menu.

To start, I ordered a hot Honey Cafe Latte to satisfy my caffeine and sweet tooth craving. Surprisingly though, it wasn't as sweet as it sounds. The honey once stirred into the coffee, balances out the mix of creamy coffee and honey sweetness.

I am a lover of mushroom soup especially the kind that has real mushroom bits in it and doesn't come from a can. Signature Cafearo's Roasted Mushroom Soup shot to the top of my list with a hearty soup filled with mushroom chunks and croutons. The soup texture wasn't creamy nor was it heavy. It was just right as a starter or a light meal.

The Smoked Duck Pesto Fettucine has Elie and Isabel singing praises for it till this day and while smoked duck isn't my favourite to go with pasta, I agree. The pasta is chewy and sauteed in olive oil and herbs before it is tossed with a colourful and generous array of toppings such as cherry tomato for a touch of sweetness. On top of that, the cafe is not shy with showcasing the star ingredient of the dish, the smoked duck which came in generous succulent slices.

Crustacean eaters will enjoy the Cheese-baked rice with soft-shelled crab and ham. The dish is served in a stone pot to enjoy the heat continues to bubble away at the oozing cheese that just coats every part of it. And the best part, the soft-shell crab doesn't come as mere bits and pieces of claws and legs. It comes as the full piece, meat, shell, claw and all. The dish is made so fast and fresh that the juiciness of the crab is not lost. The portion goes just well with the richness of the cheese, ensuring a comfortable satisfied feeling in your belly.

For a little Japanese fusion pasta, go with the Oceanic Secret Night, a dish that holds as much promises as its name. Think rolls of fresh pink salmon tossed into a bowl of olive oil-drenched spaghetti along with cherry tomato, capsicum and black olives. A sprinkle of black peppers gives the dish an overall kick of spiciness.

If you are looking for a carb-free alternative, then Signature Cafearo has that too with its Vast Ocean Salmon Salad that comes with a side of vinaigrette. Beside that, the cafe also has a colourful array of other dishes to choose from for a quick and healthy bite such as the Summer Angel Salad (a mix of salad with dried noodle), Smoke Salmon and Spinach Quiche and also the Soft Shell Crab Mustard Mayo Wrap. Sadly I tried none of these as my main tummy was full by then and I was hankering for something sweet. 

 Let's move to desserts next!

 If Elie hasn't warned me that the Pavlovas were almost gone, I would have missed out on this delightful treat. I loved my pomegranate pavlova, mainly because I broke through its hard crust with my metal spoon while poor Elie struggled with hers because she was using a plastic fork. Elie and I highlighted the hardness of the crust to the cafe bosses and they assured us they would improve it. Inside the pavlova, the cream is deliciously light and with the added sourish crunch of the pomegranate, this was my favourite dessert on the menu.

The bread and butter pudding had a sponge-like texture that was airy and light. The sauce that accompanied it wasn't overly sweet and soaked wonderfully into the pudding. My only grip was the lack of raisins in it but that is just my personal preference.

I wasn't kidding when I said patrons will be spoiled for choice. The dessert selection here is huge with cakes, brownies, colourful maroons and even lollipops. The Coffee Cheesecake looked divine especially with a serving of espresso on the side. The espresso by the way is for you to pour all over the cake (or drink, it's up to you)

Now with a cafe that has the word 'signature' in it, it was no surprise that guests are welcome to leave their signatures on a board provided. Chef Yves was the first to put his signature followed the rest of us bloggers. Polaroid photos were also taken and I was told that those will be displayed in the cafe as well. Quite a nice personalized touch for the cafe to preserve a memory.

Thanks, Elie. I curi your picture :p

Would I go back to Signature Cafearo? Definitely for the roasted mushroom soup and the pavlova and also to try the Coffee Cheesecake and desserts. But only on a weekends because I don't think I have to patience to brave the jam to Cheras. 

Signature Cafearo by Yves
C-G-03A, 1 Shamelin Shopping Mall,
100, Jalan 4/91, Taman Shamelin Perkasa, 
56100 Kuala Lumpur
Hours: Open daily: 10 AM - 10 PM


Isabel said...

Strangely.. I actually like it without too many raisins hahaha

Tania said...

I have a notorious sweet tooth. More raisins for sweetness!