Thursday, May 29, 2014

Logitech Colour Collection M235 Mouse review

Having this little candy at the palm of my hand instantly makes me feel very chirpy and happy. It was just the subtle accessory I needed to brighten up my workstation which usually consists of my laptop, my headphones and my usual old fashioned wired mouse. My usual old fashioned mouse with its long wire that always comes out of my bag all tangled up.

Not only does Logitech's Colour Collection M235 Mouse come in four spunky colours (Bubble bath Red, Green Envy, Daring Diva and Blue Bliss), it is wireless too, making it handy to have especially when you need to shift workstations occasionally.

The mouse itself fits perfectly into my hand, having the right curves and a soft side grip. It also comes with advanced optical tracking so that it can be used on most surfaces.The wireless USB receiver is tiny making it easy to just forget that you have it plugged in. The mouse comes with one double A battery but apparently the battery life has a long life span. On top of that, it has an on-off switch and a tiny indicator of battery strength.

The M235 Colour Collection is available at a retailed price of RM59. For more information please visit

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