Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Logitech M280 Mouse review

After 4 years of faithful servitude, it finally happened. My laptop's touchpad lost its touch. Like literally. I can barely control my cursor with the touchpad now and on top of that, whenever the laptop is plunged in and charging, the cursor runs amok and just starts clicking at random, causing me to accidentally erase my work multiple times. Several times, I have come very close to chucking my laptop out the window...

It's amazing how something as simple as a touchpad could be taken for granted. Then fortunately, I managed to get my hands on the latest Logitech M280 mouse. Compared to the M235 mouse, this one had a more ergonomically form for comfortable use. In other words, it fills my palm much better this time, making it perfect for long hours of usage.

It even has side curves for me to rest my thumb and pinky while gripping it and the soft rubber grips makes it so much more comfortable to hold it.

Much like the M235, the M280 is a wireless mouse with a  plug-and-forget nano receiver which is now permanently plugged into one of my laptop's port holes. I can just leave it in there, stuff my laptop into my bag and head off to work without worry of loosing it. In fact, I have even left the mouse at home by accident once instead of the receiver. When not in use, the bottom of the mouse features a small storage pocket just for it.

One AA battery can supposedly last for over a year but depends on its usage of course. Another plus point is its ability to put itself to sleep or standby mode when not in use. This saves the battery life and me the hassle of turn it off should I need to leave it idle on my desk or bag.

And most impressively is its precision tracking that allows the mouse to be used on even a bed (which the M235 could not be used on) thanks to Logitech's Advanced Optical Tracking. Its Advanced Optical Tracking allows smooth cursor control, precise tracking and easy text selection. Very convenient for a person who works at a desk and then on her bed.

This is perhaps the ideal solution to my touchpad-less state as it is as simple and hassle-free as a mouse can get with all the added benefits of a cordless, energy saving device. Not to mention, I really love the way the red mouse just stands out so vibrantly alongside my apple green laptop. It's so ideal for light, non-competitive gaming and is compatible with major operating systems.

The Logitech M280 mouse comes in three colours; red, blue and black and is priced at a suggested retail price of RM59. For more information, visit

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