Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ma Blog!

This October 2014 has been a huge month for me. I ran my first ever half marathon at the SCKLM and survived. I also managed to raise funds for Malaysian Nature Society in the process. I also learned the right way to use and fire a Glock gun. But perhaps the most significant moment for me would involve this blog. 

Because you see....

Two years ago after leaving my job as a writer, I set out on a mission to continue writing (simply because I enjoy writing) and two years later, over 200 posts, thousands of travel and food photos and a new job in a new field later, here I am still blogging as frequently as my schedule would allow me.

And to commemorate my blog's second year in existence, I've finally purchased an official domain address and also changed its overall name to be shorter, catchier and with a touch of my long term fixation with Japan. 

Sugoi loosely translates to awesome, cool, amazing or incredible in Japanese. Its core values and contents remains the same and I promise to continue delivering useful and beneficial information for my readers whether it's for travels, food or just about anything lifestyle under the sun.  

Days because, well because it's something we all live through. 

The domain address is not the only thing that has changed if you noticed. I now have a  CUSTOMIZED HEADER all thanks to Elie Lam of Cantuslupus. It's so pretty and inline with my blog content and its theme. Thank you so much, Elie! Lub you long long time! 

Thank you to all my readers, viewers, fellow bloggers, clients and PR agencies for your support of this humble writer and her blog. It may be another two years before something in my blog changes again but at least I would still be writing here until then (I hope la)

Here's to another two years! Kampai!

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