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Gold Coast 2014 : Day 4 - Wet & Wild and Warner Bros Movie World Theme Parks

After a day of trashing our bodies at Spartan and a day of animal touring, it was time to spend a day getting our adrenaline up and in our separate cars, headed down to Wet andWild theme park which was perfectly located right next to Warner Bros Movie World. From our apartments slight south of Surfers Paradise, it was a hour's drive.


Before this trip, we had searched the Internet for discounted prices and deals and then my friend spotted a VIP Magic Pass at $79.99 that covered three theme parks (Wet and Wild, Warner Bros Movie World and Seaworld) entrances for a whole year. To order the pass, you would need to fill in the form online (using an Aussie address), make the payment and a confirmation email with your name and details on it will be sent to your email. You would need to print this out to collect your VIP pass at any one of the theme parks.

We collected our passes from Wet and Wild and had our photo taken on the spot to be laminated onto the card. And once we had it, it was fun time!

Wet and Wild was sort of like the wet park of Malaysia's own Sunway Lagoon but with higher, bigger and much more scarier rides. Before running off and getting ourselves soaked, we ditched our stuffs in the lockers for rent. The lockers came in two sizes. The small one was $10 and the bigger locker was $20. This kinda puts things in perspectives and makes one realize that Sunway Lagoon's lockers were actually damn cheap.

 However the lockers in Wet and Wild were quite high-tech as well as we could close and open it as many times as we needed thanks to a barcode on a wristband that had to be scanned each time. On the downside of the super high-tech locker, the wristband was non-transferable and everytime someone needed something from their bag, guess who the gatekeeper was.


Mind you that by some magic, we had managed to fit in over 10 bags into the large locker. Opening it each time became a sort of  a health hazard to me.

Anyway, there are plenty of rides in Wet and Wild although it would be best to check on what is open to avoid disappointment. Also if the weather is cloudy and chilly (and on the verge of rain) be prepared to freeze your ass off. I know we did.

But rain aside, we still had fun running from ride to ride and getting hit in the face by pelting rain drops as we rode down the slide at top speed. Water babies would love this place. Because the day we were there was a weekday, there was hardly anyone there and except for one ride, we didn't have to queue long for the rides.

They had a wave pool with massive waves churning but because there were those in our group that couldn't swim, we forgo-ed it and headed straight to the water rides.

But if there was a ride I could recommend, it would be this colourful contraption of death, the Aqualoop. Although a short ride from top to bottom, it was perhaps the most nerve-wrecking ride there and here's why.

The start of the ride is basically a freefall down a tube with only a board strapped to your back. As you wait inside the tube, a countdown initiates (which doesn't help by the way) and at one, the floor beneath your feet opens up and you are falling at over 60km/ph, a speed that would carry you around the 360 degrees loop and to the end. Provided you don't get stuck midway of course.

After draining ourselves, we took a break for lunch and indulged in glorious burgers and chips. The food was well overpriced as mentioned by many reviews but it was to be expected. Again I am never complaining about our Malaysian theme park food prices again.

After lunch, it was off to Movie World which was next door. Close but not so close that we could walk over so it was into our respective cars again and we drove over to Movie World where we were immediately greeted by the towering Green Lantern ride. Like Wet and Wild, parking was FOC. A huge plus for us. 

As we entered, we just needed to flash our VIP cards at the staff for them to scan and we were greeted by the icon studio gates of Movie World. 

And upon entering it, my friends caught glimpses of the Superman rollercoaster and made a beeline for it. We all ended up going our separate ways this time with me and my sister mostly walking around and exploring every corner, street and shop in Movie World.

Movie World was wonderland for adults mainly because everything fun here cost money, except the rides (well, that's inclusive of the tickets). Movie, comic and Big Bang Theory fans would have fun in the shops which are selling tons of merchandises and souvenirs. I got a Sheldon Flash shirt at $29.90.

Besides shops, food, ice-cream and candy stores are in abundance. There is even a Ben and Jerry's and if parlour ice-cream doesn't do it for you, there were limited edition Magnum ice cream too.

And so many types of candy! However if candy hunting didn't do it for you, then stick around the main courtyard in front of big screen to catch a glimpse of some hunky hot superheros.

Or an entertaining performances by the Joker and his minions.

Then head on over the front area near the entrance where the fountain is for a good spot to catch the parade of iconic Warner's Bros characters including the Justice League, Bugs Bunny and Batman and Catwoman.

We also then popped on over to the Hall of Justice and proceeded creative with the statues of our favourite superheros (not really. I like Marvels more) 

I bumped into my friends later on in various states of relapsed childhood. It's okay guys, I don't judge. Much.

Several of us went on the rides several times and came back feeling less than fine although they refused to acknowledge otherwise. As for me who have opted to forgo the rides this time, I was perfectly happy pretending that I belonged in Movie World.

Opening Hours
Wet & Wild: 9am-5pm (Mon-Sun)
Warner Bros Movie World: 930am - 5pm (Mon-Sun)
Both parks are closed on Anzac Day and Christmas Day.

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