Monday, April 20, 2015

Spartan Sprint IS coming to Malaysia!

A few days ago I received this email.

If you remember my post from last month (read it here), this pretty much confirms it. Reebok Malaysia is bringing Spartan Race to Malaysia (and Singapore too). I was thrilled and disappointed at the same time. Thrilled because it's Spartan. Disappointed because it was a Sprint and not a Super. Because this would mean I would still need to jet to Australia to join a Super in order to obtain the elusive Spartan Trifecta medal.


On the bright side, I have also just received this email.

Much like Spartan Malaysia, it was a mix of feelings consisting of excitement and annoyance at Spartan Global for their inability to confirm their dates and to keep changing it. Like eh, hello! Not all of us lives in Australia or lives in a house full of cash or have a private jet, okay!  Now I need to change my Melbourne flight in October to fly in earlier for Spartan Super.

After this, I am swearing off Spartan Races. Forever.

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