Sunday, March 29, 2015

Reebok Spartan Race Coming to Malaysia?

Is Reebok Spartan Race coming to Malaysia?

Quite possibly!

I was excited to hear that the creme de la creme of international obstacle course racing might be setting up right here in Kuala Lumpur because that would mean...not having to spend thousands of ringgit jetting to Australia, UK or America just to get three big-ass medals and one elusive tri-colour medal reserved solely for the Trifecta tribe of Spartan.

Firstly, what is Reebok Spartan Race? It's a series of obstacle course race with three different categories of distance and total of obstacles consisting off Sprint (5-7km), Super (14km) and finally Beast (21km) or for the insane, the ultra Beast (42km). Completion of all three within a calender year will earn you the Trifecta medal. That stupid glorious chunk of tri-coloured metal.

Last year, I flew to Gold Coast (thanks to Airasia X's reasonably priced flight tickets) to take part in Spartan Beast. It was a killer with over 30 obstacles, a challenging terrain and the punishment of burpees for each failed obstacle but I was addicted. Just holding that palm-size medal in my was the most satisfying thing ever. You can read about my Spartan experience here.

After the recent Viper Challenge, it seems like Malaysians are more willing to challenge themselves beyond just running the distance. However, are we ready for a Spartan Race? Will we actually do the punishment of 30 burpees for each failed obstacles? Will we honour the spirit, sportsmanship and ethnics of this race by not cheating, cutting queues, complaining and giving up? In all honesty, after what I observed at Viper, no. Heck, I saw many people shoving and pushing and cutting queues, I saw people taking short cuts across the route.

So no. Many of us aren't ready for an obstacle race like Spartan. But those who are and/or have done Spartan honorably, well, they are the ones who understand the value of owning one or two or three or all of those medals. So for the sake of those Spartans in Malaysia, I hope Reebok Spartan Race does come here and by God, I hope we Malaysians don't make a mockery of it.

So yeah...With a Spartan Malaysia in the works, my dream of getting the Trifecta medal have just became a step closer to reality.'s back to continent hopping all over Australia for me. And it's bye bye retirement fund.

So Spartans within the region, if you want Reebok Spartan Race to come to Kuala Lumpur, just pre-register here so that the organizers know that you are keen and just dying to do burpees!


Read the update on this topic here.

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