Saturday, May 9, 2015

Coffee Factory, Kuching review

When it comes to hipster cafes, Kuching city is the last place one would think of to indulge in a cup of carefully brewed coffee. And why not? After all, Kuching is more famously known for their hawker street food like Sarawak Laksa, Kueh Chap and Kolo Mee. However, on my recent trip there over the long labour day weekend, I found my perception to be proven wrong. 

Because Kuching do have hipster cafes (several in fact!) and one of them was the isolated but strategically placed Coffee Factory. I loved its location because it wasn't in the city center and was in fact closer to the airport than anything else. This meant a more niche crowd and therefore fewer people at the cafe.

From outside, Coffee Factory looked exactly like its namesake but once inside, be prepared to be transported to a different joint of recycled wood for its surfaces and walls, natural sunlight, unique lighting designs, cosy corners and the scent of freshly brewed coffee in the air. It felt like I was entering somebody's kitchen and living room.

The coffee bar and counter was located right smack in the middle of the cafe with a blackboard hanging over it, featuring the menu in colourful chalk. A dessert and cake display was laid out to tempt us to forgo our calories count and forgo we did as we made our orders with the friendly server. Once we've ordered, we selected for the cosy living room-like setting behind the counter and quickly made ourselves comfortable.

Coffee Factory consisted of the main level and a loft-like setting that made up its second floor. Several of the sitting areas were located under the second floor giving it a secretive cosy atmosphere for those wanting privacy. It was so comfortable that I even saw one guy snoozing on the sofa.

Our drinks came promptly followed quickly by our dessert. I would recommend their hot cappuccino and green tea latte with strong robust flavours that goes well with the smooth creaminess of the milk in it. Upon recommendation from the waiter, we opted for the cream cheese mille crepe cake but found it dry and underwhelming. From what I read later on, the Horlicks crepe cake was the one to try. 

We also had rooiboos tea, a few blended drinks and of course, creme brulee. At RM5.50, it was one of the more reasonable creme brulee desserts I have come across but when it was served, I found the sugar crust to be a tad too hard and too crunchy. The insides however was delicious.

Oh, and yes, wifi was available but requires a few tries to connect. Password was coff33factory. 

Coffee Factory had a few misses but plenty of hits with its drinks. Main dishes are also available but unfortunately we had to give that a miss this time round due to a heavy dinner ahead. I heard that it can get quite busy during dinner so reservation is recommended. I would definitely re-visit Coffee Factory on my next visit to Kuching. The interior was too gorgeous to forget. 

Coffee Factory
Address: JT Building, 7th Miles, Penrissen Road, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak.
Tel: 08-2627050
Opening Hours: 10am - 1145pm

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