Saturday, May 30, 2015

Spritzer Hot and Warm Mini Dispenser review + Giveaway!

"Drink your water. It's good for you. Drink your water or you'll dry up like a prune."

Famous words my mother nagged told me as a kid and like any kid, I believed her. So I drank. Because I didn't wanna dry up like a prune. But it wasn't until I started working out religiously on my quest to (like most girls) loose weight and get fit did I really start to appreciate the habit of drinking water.

By drinking ample water consistently throughout the day, I am able to curb my ravenous cravings and appetite by filling myself up and thus end up eating less. I also end up running to the toilet more often and hence less desk time. Did you know that drinking water has been known to increase your metabolism and reduce weight?

However, fostering the habit wasn't easy. I am as lazy as they get and if I am required to boil the water each time I wanted a drink, I believe I would sooner rather become a prune. But with the Spritzer Hot and Warm Mini Dispenser, my cup of water (or instant coffee or noodles) is just a tap away. Like literally. I have chosen the family television area for my new funky purple dispenser, courtesy of Spritzer because the whole family spends majority of our time there, just chilling, doing work on our laptops and even eating in front of the idiot box.

The Spritzer Mini Dispenser was surprisingly easy to install. Because of its petite size, it doesn't take up much space and can be moved around quite easy. Just locate an even surface close to a power source (or just use extension cords) and set it up right there. Of course, there was the initial cleaning part with just required me to flush the insides of the dispenser of any residue and dust. Much like detoxing.

Once that was done, I plugged it into a power source and plonked in the bottled water over the top. It was just that simple. Remove the bottle seal and just...insert. I even did it on my own with the 6 liter bottle, making it suitable for the ladies. Another round of flushing was required to ensure the taps were clean and then the dispenser was good to go.

Upon turning on the switch, the red light came on and within a few minutes, it changed to yellow, indicating that the hot water was ready to used. To test if its temperature was really suitable for instant drinks as proclaimed, I tried it out with Instant Teh Tarik.

1. Empty Instant Teh Tarik packet into cup. 

2.  Dispense hot water into cup.

3. Stir and voila! Instant Teh Tarik!

In a matter of minutes, I was nursing a cup of Instant Teh Tarik all without having to leave the room or having to worry about over-boiling the water. And without the lumpiness and leftover powder usually left behind if the water wasn't hot enough. 

That being said, I was a little worried that my cats, curious animals that they are, will start playing with the taps and might accidentally burn themselves with hot water. But it seemed that Spritzer has thought of that and has made the hot water tap child-proof and animal-proof.

The Spritzer Hot and Warm Mini Dispenser comes in 4 vibrant colours (orange, pink, purple and green) and is available at leading supermarkets and hypermarkets at RM88. It can also be ordered online at the Spritzer e-Shop at

Changing the bottle won't be an issue as Spritzer bottles were designed to take all kinds of dispensers. This meant I could opt for any bottle size between 5.5 liter to 9.5 liter in future, all of which are readily available in supermarkets and hypermarkets in Malaysia. Even if I don't have the time to replace the bottle, I just need to order it online at the Spritzer e-Shop and Spritzer will have it delivered to my house as long as I am within the Klang Valley with no deposit needed. For the environmentally conscious water drinker, fret not as Spritzer bottles use 50% less PET (polyethylene) in comparison to the usual 5 gallon (19 liter) bottle.

Talk about convenient.

Now it's giveaway time!
You too can stand a chance to win a Spritzer Hot and Warm Mini Dispenser of your own too just by answering the questions below.

1. True or false? Drinking enough water helps increase metabolism and reduce weight.
2. If you won the dispenser, where would you put it and why?

Deadline: 20 June 2015, 12 midnight.
Leave your answer and your email in the comments below and one lucky winner with the correct and most interesting answer will be hearing from me within a week of the giveaway's closing date. Giveaway open to those residing in the Klang Valley only.

Drink up, cheers and peace out!

For more helpful infographics from Spritzer, check out this link.


Arisa Chow said...

true!!! I can vouch on the weightloss part as i have experimented it on myself. LOL, amazing how a human body works.

And if i win this awesome dispenser i would definitely give it to my mom as she would find this super useful beside her office desk (she's a teacher btw!)

knowing she gets lazy to go to the canteen to eat at least with this dispenser she can make herself some instant oats to eat :)

Stephanie Ong said...

1. True!

2. If I win this Spritzer Dispenser, I would give it to my brother who will be going to Johor to further his studies in a few weeks time. I'd like to give him something not too bulky, not too cheesy, and also convenient which can serve great use while he's there. With him having the dispenser, he wouldn't need to purposely go out of his dorm to fill water, and he will be able to make himself some hot drinks and meals while he studies. :)

Hui Ling said...
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Hui Ling said...

1. True
2. I will put it in my bedroom because I like to have a cup of hot water in the morning when I wake up. Usually, I will pour some hot water in my thermos flask at night so that when I wake up 6 hours later, I will have a cup of warm water in the morning. With this dispenser, I don't have to prepare it the night before and I can have hot water straight from the dispenser. Occasionally, I will put in a slice of lemon in my hot water to aid digestion and to kick start my metabolism.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous is having no known name or identity or known source; "anonymous authors"; "anonymous donors"; "an anonymous gift"

Anonymous also said that he/she is not a robot.

1. Of course true la. Somemore what la.

2. Aiyo, where you want to put somemore my friend. Of course in my room right beside my bed, on my brownish table, right side of my computer speaker, 50cm away from my brother's table (just so you know 50cm is 0.5meters), create a space of 18x30 for enough mouse movement, switch on my computer and start playing some games.

What has this got to do with Spritzer Hot and Warm Mini Dispenser? Thou Shall Not Ask!

Just kidding, basically I will put it in my gadget room where me and my brothers' computers are stationed(bombasticnya). It would be a good idea to keep yourself hydrated while playing computer games because Dota 2 and Call of Duty drained a lot of our 'mana'. (Mana = Energy) We're active in sports(e-sports) and we believe that Spritzer Dispenser is important for us to have a healthy lifestyle to continue our journey in the gaming industry.

Email: (sorry about this, I really really really love dimsum)

Sherry Go Sharing said...

1. True,
2. If I win this dispencer I would this in the living room as in the night we usually locked the kitchen door, alarm is on so wouldn't want to wake everyone up in the night. In living room would be just nice as we can go take warm water from Spritzer Hot and Warm Mini dispencer. Just nice to to make warm drink or milk for kids.

Unknown said...

1. True, I've also felt that drinking water somewhat reduces the feeling of tiredness. With just enough water, it's easy to feel invigorated and fresh!
2. If I win, I would put it in the living room of the condo I'm currently renting. Being a student living by myself, it's very easy to forget to drink water. As people said, out of sight, out of mind. So, I'm going to put it where I can see it everyday.