Monday, January 11, 2016

Salted Egg Yolk Croissant, Bake Plan SS2

Is this me hopping onboard the salted egg yolk croissant wave? Of course not.

Le Bread and its now famous salted egg yolk croissant was introduced to me by a colleague long before a certain popular blogger shone the spotlight on it. I ate it, I liked it, I forgot about it the very next day. To me, it was just salted egg yolk custard delivered in a croissant. Dim Sum restaurants have the steamed pau version and yet I don't see everyone flocking everyday to a Dim Sum restaurant just for that. Yes, I am looking at you, people who have nothing to do but stalk the bakery for two- three days in a row for salted egg croissant.

Anyway, thanks to its sudden popularity, getting a salted egg yolk croissant from Le Bread on a whim is impossible now. It's always sold out. Luckily I stumbled across another bakery that offers the same treat and more. So much more. At Bake Plan SS2 along the same row as AmBank and McDonalds.
caption: Bake Plan FB
Hard bread. Soft bread. Bread in all shapes, sizes and flavours. Oh my. With their creations made with all natural ingredients and no preservatives, it was perfect for adventurous bread lovers. But of course, I spotted one thing that made my eyes go big. Golden Lava croissant aka salted egg yolk croissant. I can hear the angels singing Hallelujah!

Yes yes YES!

I immediately bought two. One for myself and one for my mom to try. Cause I am naise liddat.

The staff came up to me as soon as she saw me picking those and asked me if I wanted them heated up to eat now. I said no as I was planning to eat them later. She was nice enough to explain to me the steps of heating up the croissant using an oven toaster, not a microwave to get the best eating experience out of it. So naise of her.

I would have just dumped it in the microwave and when it comes out all disgusting and shit, complain that it sucks, complain on their Facebook over the underwhelming quality and vow never to return (and yet still return a week later). That was probably the reason why she had to explain it to me.

The croissant cost RM6.50 excluding GST. It was slightly cheaper than Le Bread's version and oozing with golden lava when I sliced it open after heating it up in the oven toaster. Yes, I followed her instructions and it turned out perfect.

The croissant puff was crusty, flaky and layered with puffiness. It soaked in the delicious sweet smooth salted egg yolk up perfectly. I give it a 5/7. (Give me a haha in the comments if you understand this reference)

With Bake Plan SS2, I now have another option to sate my cravings for this decadent dessert. Unless mobs of Chinese people decides to flock there upon hearing about it. On second wasn't that great. Go away people!

It's just salted egg yolk croissant. No need to lose your mind over it.

Okay la, let's face it. EVERYONE is jumping onboard the salted egg yolk croissant ship. Myself included. Now gimme views!!!

Bake Plan SS2
Address: 36, Jalan SS2/61, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 9am – 10pm (Tues - Sun)
Tel: +603-78657774


Your Hunny Bunny said...

But never buy for mr?

Tania said...

We go this weekend la....

Your Hunny Bunny Again said...

I meant 'me'... oops...