Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tokyo 2015 - Day 4: Last Day in Japan Thoughts

This entry will be mostly a photo entry because I feel that the pictures best describe how amazing Tokyo was for me. I revisited Akihabara and wandered the bustling Asakusa once more for gifts and treats and along the way, rekindled my affection for this beautiful country and its people.

My guided tour through Akihabara the previous day gave me a good bearing of my surroundings and I retraced my steps to revisit the stores for last minute shopping. My only regret was not dedicating at least two days solely to this area. Perhaps next time. 

I was lucky to glimpse a cosplayer outside a store on the way back to the station. A teaser of my next visit. 

Not known to many tourists, Asakusa's information center has a gorgeous view of the neighbourhood and a bird's eye view of the Kaminarimon, Nakamise street and the Sensoji temple. 

From the side, the Tokyo Skytree Tower and the turd Asashi flame beckoned for a photo perfect moment. 

Even though I have walked up and down the Nakamise street everyday during my visit due to the location of my hostel, I never really stopped to look at everything until my last day. And that in a way was a good thing because I could look at their cuisine and their craftsmanship with fresh eyes. 

As the clouds opened up and poured, we retreated to the shelter of the second-floored restaurant next to the Kaminarimon gate where we got a good view of the popular meeting grounds below.  

The dreaded walk from the hostel to the train station that would take us to Haneda airport was pretty much that. Dreaded. My luggage were heavy and filled to the brim, my body was weary and still recovering from Mount Fuji. But my mind and my spirit lusted for more of this oriental land. 

I want to know more, see more, meet more people. With its perfect blend of modern and history, technology and religion, young and old, Japan will always be my mystery, my puzzle to explore for years to come. 

Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto...these were just my introduction to Japan. And I know, surely and slowly, I will one day would have explored every last inch of it.  

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