Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Coastes Restaurant Siloso Beach, Singapore

We came across Coastes in Sentosa Singapore by luck. We were hungry and tired, having just ran through a 10km, 10+ obstacles OCR, Viper Challenge. Post race, we returned to Costa Sands resort, my hotel on Sentosa to freshen up before heading back to the beachside strip in search of food.

Thankfully, Coastes caught our nose and our eyes with the delicious scent of seafood and its blue and white hues perfect for the beachside setting.

When we entered, we were greeted by a cheery staff who gave us the option of deck or beach sitting. As my group was a big group, we opted for the deck and we were shown to a big spacious table under a ceiling of wicker baskets.

The menu was given and we were told to make our orders at the counter. Oh this we like. Because of our numbers, spilling the bill post-meal can be a headache so we definitely prefer paying individually and upfront.

The cafe features an open-kitchen concept where we could watch our food being made upon ordering but we didn't because that would be creepy. The drinks comes from the drink kitchen shared with the neighboring Bikini Bar. As soon as the order is keyed into the register and paid for, both kitchens will get straight to it. That was why our drinks came as soon as we returned from placing our orders. Me super likey! The only other place that has such efficiency was...well, Japan.

Utensils, sauces and tissues are self-service and wifi was complimentary with the password available on the receipt. As soon we sat down, we latched on like the social media addicts that we are.

Food was served in a timely manner and each dish was greeted with 'oohs' and 'waahs'. My order of the seafood stew was met with stares of envy and salivating faces. It was, in short, da bomb diggity. The stew had enough kick and taste that made me want to lap it up with the accompanying garlic bread and even drink it down whole.

There were generous chunks of fresh prawns, squid, clams and fish bits in the soup that had me filled up with protein in no time. I am just drooling just thinking about it as I write this review. At $30 (dollar per dollar la), it was actually quite reasonable considering how much seafood and how fresh it was.

Other notable recommendations were their BBQ pork ribs, honey beef ribs, burgers and their breakfast dishes.  The coffee there was pretty decent too. In fact, mum and I loved it so much we went back the next morning for breakfast before checking out of the resort.

The portobello mushroom scrambled eggs caught my eye with its promise of being served with toasted English muffin, topped with fresh arugula and feta cheese. It was a promise well kept. Juicy bits of portobello mushoom mixed with creamy scrambled eggs was a breakfast delight for me.

The yogurt and berries was a guilt-free healthy option with chilled yogurt and fresh berries drizzled with maple syrup. Makes me want to have this for breakfast regularly.

Coastes is pet and family friendly with a lot of families and couples and their dogs dropping by for brunch and lunch. It has its own stretch of beach so patrons can waddle in the water and run their toes through the pristine clean sand before sitting down for a bite.

Coastes Singapore
Address: 50 Siloso Beach Walk #01-05 Sentosa, Singapore
Tel: +65 6631 8938
Website: http://www.coastes.com