Friday, June 2, 2017

Touch Your Memories with Droprint app

As a writer, I always felt that there was something personal about writing down my thoughts. As a photographer, being able to hold my photos in my fingers seems to bring the images to life. It's almost as though you are imparting a part of yourself into ink when you write or print out these thoughts and memories.

While Instagram and Facebook do have their appeal when it comes to sharing photos, there is nothing quite like printing out your photos and pinning them up over your desk. Thanks to modern tech and a little niffy app called Droprint, you can have your photos selected, printed on nice glossy photo papers or as a memorabilia photobook and delivered to you.

I found this app remarkably convenient for me to have the photos from my Tokyo trip printed out whilst I was still in Japan! This meant that I could have my photos within a week of coming home.
Using Droprint was easy once you have downloaded the app and set up your account by signing up via email or Facebook. Then the fun begins.

The Prints option comes in three styles:
1) PolaStyle,
2) InstaStyle and
3) Classic.
20 pieces of printouts costs RM21. The other options are Photobook and Giftbox, priced at RM48 and RM28 respectively.

Once you have picked your style, you just need to pick out your images from either your phone, Facebook or Instagram. Bare in mind though that as as Droprint does not come with a built-in editor, you would need to edit your photos before selecting them. This is the most tedious part. Uploading the photos can take a while especially if the file sizes are big but of course, a better resolution will give you nice looking photos once printed.

Once you have selected your set of photos and uploaded it, just complete the payment terms as instructed and voila! You're done and set. It's that easy!

Now, remember when I said that the photos should come within a week of ordering? Mine came almost two months after ordering. I dropped their rep an email on this and am still waiting on their response. Will update once I hear from them. Based on what I've read from other blog reviews, the standard time is often a week via Poslaju (it's free by the way).

Nevertheless, I was still pretty excited when my photos arrived. Just look at my pretty Japan pictures! I opted to print out my trip to Tokyo for the Tokyo Marathon 2017 simply because 1) it's Japan, 2) it was my first solo trip to Japan and 3) it was my first World Major Marathon.

To sum up my experience with this app:
1. Reasonable pricing
2. User-friendly app interface
3. Free Poslaju delivery
4. Great quality printouts
5. App is free to download for iOS and Android

1. Can't edit on app.
2. Upload can take a while.

1. Save time by selecting and editing your pictures beforehand in a separate album in your phone.
2. Opt for the original photos instead of those on social media as the resolution of Facebook and Instagram photos tend to lose their resolution once uploaded. Original photos often maintain their hi-resolution, giving you a clearer hardcopy.

Thank you, Droprint for the memorabilias. For more info on Droprint:
Facebook: Droprint
Apps Download: IOS | Android

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