Sunday, June 18, 2017

Quick Update: OCRs and Mount Fuji

Okay, so things have been a bit quiet on the blog. Work has been 'bitch be cray cray' crazy. I have picked up my creative writing once to deal with the stress hence the lack of updates here. Sorry about that.

In other news, I have quite a busy obstacle race calendar coming up, kicking off with Viper Genting in July, the Viper Shah Alam Stadium the following month and Spartan Beast in October. Sadly, I'll be missing the Malaysian Super Spartan on 9 July due to a planned family trip to climb Mount Fuji.

On the plus side, in my quest to find places to train in Japan, I stumbled across a group of gungho Spartan racers, Sogo Tokyo Spartan taking park in the upcoming Tokyo Super in October. A few friendly messages were exchanged with their admin and voila, I was invited to join in their sessions when I was in Japan. Now let's see if I can slot in some training before Mount Fuji.

Speaking of Mount Fuji, this would be my second attempt to see the sunrise on Fuji, the first time thwarted by a typhoon which you can read about it here. This time, I've booked my family and I a hiking tour with Willer Travel Tour, opting to leaving all the planning and arranging to the pros. It was about RM1,000 per person thanks to Malaysia's shitty currency (thanks, Najib).

To capture my aforementioned adventures, I have invested in yet another Olympus Tough camera mainly because it was reasonable on Carousell and Olympus and GoPro have not heard my pleas for a sponsorship.

And needless to say but I am going to say it anyway, when I get back from Japan this time, I would be a year older and still as directionless as ever. Yay....

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